Bill McBrayer 
Kindervelt #8

KV #8 NFL Survivor League 2022 

The NFL Survivor  Football League will test your skills in picking one winner among all the NFL teams that are playing each week.  Sounds easy and it is!  No drafting or point spreads and rosters to manage.  Just straight up head to head play.  The challenge and strategy that makes it interesting and competitive; once you pick a team, you cannot pick that team in subsequent weeks. Example: Week 1 you pick the Bengals to defeat the Steelers.  Bengals win...  Good pick!  You survive to play the following week. However, the Bengals will not be among the teams for you to pick the remainder of the season.   Your goal is to pick one winning team each week,  once your winning team is picked it is removed from your list of options for the remainder of the season.   The last person to survive wins.    

Choose your head to head teams each week if you survived from the previous week. The week ENDS after the Monday Night game. The week BEGINS  the following Thursday night game. You must have your pick in for the week 5 minutes prior to the Kick-off of the Thursday night game.  You can track the teams and standings, monitor your progress along with team information, statistics and injury reports at

Whoever is the last survivor WINS!  In the event of a tie, entries are ranked based on the combined record of the NFL teams not yet picked. Should a tie still exist, entries will be ranked based on time stamp of the latest pick made. 

The winner will receive 30% of the total entry fees. The remaining balance of entry fees will go directly to The Division of Critical Care Medicine & PICU at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital through Kindervelt #8.  

To get started:
Click on  "Register Now Tab" and complete the registration form.

Complete credit card information and submit registration.  

Once registered and paid, you will recieve an email containing an invitation from the leagaue commissioner (Bill McBrayer) to join the Survivor League at

Registration Deadline is  7:30 P.M. Thursday, September 8th.

Spouses, family, friends, acquaintances, facebook, chain letters, pass the word. Everyone is welcome to join with a $20 paid entry fee!   The more that participate, the more in the pot!