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Michael Lyons Horsemanship 
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Julia Lyons 
Michael Lyons Horsemanship 

Ride Fearless Retreat 

March 27 - April , 2022

Empowering Retreat for the Rider trying to find their Confidence on the ground and in the Saddle! 

"Here I was a professional trainer, who used to be fearless, and I was scared to get on my horse. You can imagine the frustration, and shame I felt for that. Dealing with my fear was a very hard task, but I truly believe I needed to feel that depth of fear so that I could better teach my students" - Julia Lyons

This is a complete Horsemanship Based  retreat course filled with the ideas, principles, and exercises that I used to overcome my fear in the saddle. Very Limited Spacing Available. 

 Fear starts in a place where you don't feel in control of your horse, or your thoughts. I am here to show you how I personally worked through both. We will work through the exercises that I used to gain a solid foundation of control both on the ground and undersaddle as well as build a community for all of us to feel safe to share our thoughts, triumphs and struggles during the process. We will also work through the thought process, ideas and exercises that I personally did to help create an atmosphere that bred more confidence. 

Fear has been an ongoing battle for me. I went from being a fearless rider who even dabbled in trick riding and all sorts of fast riding sports, to scared to trot my horse outside of an arena.

There wasn’t a fall, or traumatic event. It just slowly crept in, and started taking over my riding career. It was tough. I was embarrassed, ashamed, and frustrated beyond belief at myself. I was a professional, and I knew better. How did I allow this to happen?

I am thankful that I have spent the last 6 years learning, working, and overcoming one of the hardest obstacles of my career. I know it’s something you can do too. It is not easy, but it’s possible. I am finally back to where I want to be and truly enjoying each and every ride and I am ready to help you do the same.

Have you ever dealt fear? Are you still working through it? I would love the opportunity to help you along this journey. 

Michael and I together make an incredible team to share a life changing exeperience for both you and your horse. You will join us for 6 days of great instruction both on the ground and undersaddle. We will be there each step of the way to help guide you, cheer for you, and keep you going. If you are looking for a coach that will just yell at you to keep moving and pushing, you are in the wrong place. But if you are looking for one who is there to allow you to move at your own pace, teach you training methods, teach you more about how your thoughts impact you and your horse, and hold you accountable, then this is the retreat is for you. This is horsemanship based retreat. Fear comes from the thought of being out of control. So one of the best ways to tackle this, is to create all the tools in your tool belt to have the best control of your horse you can have. We will work on the exercises you need both on the ground and undersaddle to get you and your horse communicating fluently, as well as talk about the thought processes and ideas that we can use to help us master our own way of thinking and handling ourselves when Fear creeps in. 

This Retreat includes a stall for your horse, and a cabin for you. We will be taking on 8-10 riders MAX. We have 4 cabins available. Each cabin room has 2 queen beds, kitchenette and their own shower & bathroom. YOU WILL POSSIBLY HAVE A ROOMMATE. If you are not comfortable having a roommate, you can have a discount of $250 to stay in a hotel or offsite. If you have your own trailer, you have use one of our hookups and stay there for a $150 discount. Water and Electricity available for the hookup.

Price for the Retreat is $1800. The Retreat will begin on Monday, March 27th at 5:00pm for a nice meal getting to know everyone and start the learning process. The riding portion of the clinic will begin at 9:30am on Tuesday. A $300 deposit holds your spot. Remaining balance due 2 weeks prior to the Retreat.