BC/BS Modifier Denials


Denials due to incorrect modifier use has become alarming & widespread. Are your "clean claims" getting denied due to invalid modifier use? Are you only getting paid for 2 therapies, when you used to get paid for 3-4?

Attend this webinar and learn how to properly use modifiers XS, 59, GP & 25. We'll cover the most common reimbursement policies that became effective 11/01/21, plus much more. Have your entire team watch, learn and GET PAID properly. 

Remember, if you cannot attend the live webinar, we'll email you the playback video, power point slides and all the sample forms and "fight-back" letters.


  • Why is BC/BS denying claims based on incorrect modifier use?
  • Proper modifiers according to the AMA, HIPAA, Medicare & Anthem
  • Modifiers XS, 59, GP, 25, AT, GA, GY, 97, KX
  • BC/BS reimbursement policies
  • 97110, 97140, 97112, 97124, 97530
  • Learn how to use the CCI edits to your advantage
  • When reporting multiple modifiers, does the list order matter?
  • Fight-back letters for the most common denials
  • How to write a first level of appeal letter
  • Plus much more!

Date:  Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Time 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET

Fee:  $99 Live & Recorded (you receive both)

Members:  No Charge

You also receive the power point slides and sample "fight-back" letters

$25 cancellation fee applies.


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