Thursday November 3. 2022 





Aida Cabecinha 
Toronto Institute of Group Studies 

In conversation with

Victor Yalom PhD


Ongoing Therapist Education


Please join us for an engaging conversation with Victor Yalom PhD, founder of Psychotherapy.net, an online professional education ‘ hub’ hosting over 350 training videos as well as an incredible array of other resources for therapists.

Where in the past institutions and agencies often provided extensive training and mentorship to their staff, therapists are now frequently left to their own devices in a rapidly changing context to identify their learning needs and find suitable resources. Psychotherapy .net was founded over 20 years ago to fill that void.
In this conversation we’ll explore Victor’s clinical interests, his perspective on therapist education and development and his interesting path to entrepreneurship


Victor Yalom, PhD, is the Founder, Director of Content and Resident Cartoonist of Psychotherapy.net. He maintained a full-time practice psychology practice in San Francisco for over 25 years, and currently continues to see a small handful of clients, as well as leading psychotherapy and consultation groups. He has conducted workshops in existential-humanistic and group therapy in the US, Mexico, and China.  He has produced over 100 training videos in the field of psychotherapy and continues to be inspired the many master therapists he has been privileged to work with, including existential-humanistic psychologist James Bugental, and his father Irvin Yalom.  In his spare time he paints, creates metal sculptures, and tries to improve his table tennis game. More information on Victor and his artwork is at sfpsychologist.