Soul Lightening Acupressure Workshop

Process Acupressure 2: Body & Personality Parts
September 7-10, 2023  | Eastern Shore, Maryland
Cathy Miller, Instructor



September 7-10 | 9am - 5pm est


Event Location

Source Point Institute
14482 Poplar Street
Goldsboro, MD 21636

Event Contact

Cathy Miller

Process Acupressure 2: Body & Personality Parts

This course relates body parts and symptoms to parts of the personality and psychological development. Uses the many acupressure protocols taught in Clinical Acupressure 1 to advance understanding of psychosomatic conditions. Links parts of the body to personality parts and explains their role in personality development. Teaches how to process and progress parts of the personality toward maturity. In this 4-day course, you will learn how to identify and dialogue with personality parts (subpersonalities), learn how parts of the body relate to personality parts and symptoms, learn how to update and transform personality parts to serve present needs, and practice many acupressure protocols from Clinical Acupressure 1 with peers.

Prerequisites: Foundation courses: CA1 and PA1A; and PA1B

CE: 24 contact hours for massage therapists

Full Tuition: $645 (Discounted from $695 due to Covid-19)
Want to repeat this class? $347 (Member Discount)

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