Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 8:00 AM PDT
Friday, September 29, 2023 at 4:00 PM PDT

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Gabriella Okken

Communication Across Barriers




Fall 2023 Beegle Certified Coaching Institute - Virtual Event

Be your organization’s Poverty Coach and on-site expert.

Learn how to take what you've learned from the Beegle Poverty Immersion Institute and transform your own organization. This intensive two-day Beegle Certified Coaching Institute will prepare you for breaking barriers in your organization. Participants will learn how to serve as on-site experts for educating colleagues, providing leadership for eliminating barriers, and developing system-wide approaches for improving outcomes for families and individuals.

Poverty Coaches are trained to conduct Poverty Competency Assessments and assist their organizations in developing and implementing customized action plans with measurable results. Coaches receive a variety of tools and materials, including the Action Approach Curriculum Kit.



Having embedded certified Beegle Poverty Coaches (Coaches) in an organization increases poverty-informed practices. Coaches are grounded in evidence-based best practices, are trained to conduct ongoing professional development, and have gained tools for creating measurable doable action plans that lead to improved outcomes. Coaches can increase poverty competencies throughout an organization through workshops and conversations.

When there is only one Coach, he or she often struggles to change policy, curriculum, and programs, and has found it difficult to increase the necessary community partnerships. Our evaluations showed that when an organization sent three or more people to become certified, they had greater success with systemic change. We have found that organizations with more than three Coaches from different levels of the organization were better able to increase its capacity to be inclusive and responsive to students and families living in poverty.


NOTE: To become a Certified Beegle Poverty Coach, you must have attended a two-day Beegle Poverty Immersion Institute.

What others are saying about the Coaching Institutes

“ Always great to be refreshed on the content from the original training. This training got us thinking about how to apply this information to our work and even come up with a specific action plan.”

“I feel better equipped to help our organization move forward with not only implementing the Opportunity Community model, but with determining where our strengths are and what we need to do to improve. Also, I feel I can now play an active role in training staff within our organization to be more poverty informed.”

“I want to be able to serve my community and support others who serve my community. This training opened my eyes to how easily I form opinions about others and gave me insight to the importance of getting to know other people. It has made me aware of how important it is to really learn about another person's context in order to better help that person.”

“I plan to incorporate this material in my weekly meetings with staff and use my knowledge to help them understand better what our families are facing in hopes that will help them in breaking down barriers.”

“I’m right now at work looking back through some of the information and slowly beginning to process it. When I heard Dr. Beegle 3 years ago when she provided a poverty training at Kansas State University, I was changed forever. I desperately wanted to learn more about how to genuinely make a difference in the lives of those folks in my community living in poverty. Unfortunately, when I asked to attend the Institute, there weren’t funds available. But my supervisor allowed me the time off. I paid for everything myself because I knew it was that important. It was worth every penny and then some!”