Saturday, February 4, 2023 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST
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Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 
563 west 600 north
Hobart, IN 46342

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Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 
Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 

ENTRY with air          

PRE-REGISTERED (Before Jan 28)                                       $35

WALK-ON                                                                                $45

2022 OFFICERS CLUB Members (walk-on)                          $25 


Winter blend box 2000            $65/ case with tax   $60 pre-registered

First Strike  box of 600 field paint            $200 tax included

First Strike bag of 150                              $60 tax included


HOTH 2023


 A Viper probe has landed on the ice planet Hoth near the Echo Base. Darth Vader and his Imperial fleet, armed with Storm Troopers and a lumbering battalion of AT-ATs, have been alerted to Rebel's presence. Damaged shield generators have come online, although struggling to maintain power they should be able to withstand the airborne offensive, but the ground assault is bearing down. Massive numbers of the Empire's 501st Legion troops combined with AT-AT and AT-ST's are congregating near the outskirts of the Echo base, ready to strike the final blow to our Alliance. Outward command posts are vulnerable, and will be the first to fall. Hasty defenses are being constructed around the main power generators as they are likely to be the primary target- but these won’t last long. Rebel forces must fortify the perimeter of the Echo base until a window opens for an escape.



8am – Services open
10 – Game briefing
10:30 – 12:30 - Section 1
12:30-1:30 – Lunch break
1:30 – 4 – Section 2

Awards and prizes to follow

The game will consist of 2 main sections with Main objectives for each team.

Additional missions will be released to commanders at timed intervals.

During this time, each section of play on field will have a "Resource Slapstick" to be scored every half hour.

Many "Grab props" will also be scattered across the planet of Hoth for troops to pick up and bring back to HQ for extra points.



Team Starting Points/Insertion Points

**Teams will switch sides at lunch**

Darth Vader’s Imperial Army “THE EMPIRE”

Commanded by 

EJ Zangara from Strike First MagFed

Berm 1st half,  

Cemetery 2nd half

Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance “THE REBELS”

Commanded by 

Dan Sean donohoe from Rage in Paint     

Cemetery 1st half,

 Berm 2nd half



Marking tape or Team Tags to designate team must be worn on the front and back of mask at all times and cannot be removed

Field speed/Firing modes:

 270fps(All Markers)  

160fps(Law rockets)     

 12.5bps max – no ramping

Full auto allowed (under 12.5bps) however NO full auto in buildings 

Event paint ONLY! 

First strike - Field Paint only .





Strategy Map


HOTH big game special game rules



DARTH VADER will be hidden on the field. VADER will allow the holder to ‘USE THE FORCE’ to perform one of three actions.

  1. Use as a Sniper to eliminate 1 player
    1. Target must be in line of sight of user.
    2. b.      Target cannot be Healed 
    3. Transport to anywhere on the field once
      1. “Fuel/Energy Limit: from the start of Transportation There is only enough Fuel/Energy for 10 minutes of Transportation time. All players being transported must leave Transportation before 10 minutes. Any players still in Transportation after 10 minutes become eliminated players.
      2. “Getting off Transport”: once the player or players are ready to leave transport. They must indicate to Referee they wish to leave transport, once players are ready, Referee will put one hand in the air and commence a 3 second count down. At the end of the countdown the Referee will drop his hand signaling that live players have left the transport and are free to shoot or be shot. (During this 3 second count down players on transport are NOT ALLOWED to interact with props or Slap Sticks.)
      3. Players in Transportation are NOT ALLOWED to interact with props or Slap Sticks at any time during the transportation.
      4. Players in Transportation or during the “3 second count down” may not engage enemy players and cannot be targeted by enemy players until the “3 second count down” is over.
      5. Use as a Medic to cure one person OR self
        1. Cannot heal Head shots or sniper kills
        2. To heal a player forfeit VADER to Referee and wipe hit off of hit player and player is active once more.


Once the action is performed VADER must be forfeited and will be hidden again by a Referee until another player finds it.

Law/ Nerf rockets

Must have a Law Rocket card (given at registration) to use. Referee will punch this card each time it is used 

Chrono Speed: 140FPS or less!

Must have a Referee present to verify hit/ punch card

Allowed 5 rocket launches per section

Once a structure is hit, everyone inside or near (with reason) will be eliminated. Referee will have ultimate decision as to how close someone needs to be to be considered eliminated.

Rockets will be returned to Air fill station  if found on field.(Mark your own rockets!)


Personal Missions

  • At Random 5 players from each team will be picked by player numbers to receive personal missions before the game starts.
  • The chosen few will receive the personal mission at  registration
  • Your Mission is worth 50 points to your team.






~ Light Sabers--Light Saber Duels~

For the first time in over 10 years
not only will we allow the collapsible light sabers but we WILL also allow the higher quality "Stunt Light Sabers"!!!

That being said lets jump into some rules about these light sabers...

~~Light Saber Rules~~
Touching any part of the Light Saber "Blade" either it be your Light Saber or an enemies Light Saber will eliminate you at ANY TIME.

IF the Light Saber is hit anywhere Blade OR Hilt of the light saber the hit will NOT count. <---This includes being hit by a Paintball OR another Light saber.

~~Light Saber Eliminations~~
We know you all will be super excited to run up on a Storm Trooper or Rebel and Saber them down
HOWEVER you just simply have to TOUCH them with any part of the blade to eliminate them.. Even a light tap will do.

DO NOT!!!!!! Go around clubbing players down with your Light Saber like they owe you money!!!!!
This will result in a judge punch or even two judge punches depending on the situation.

This is the first time we will be allowing the higher quality "Stunt Light Sabers" DO NOT ruin the fun for everyone else!!

~~Light Saber Duels~~
This year Light Saber duels will be worth points!!

To Duel:
You must first have a light saber on you...

Find an ENEMY player with a Light Saber you wish to duel...

Then GET REFEREE'S attention...

Tell the referee you would like to do the enemy player and then the referee will go over and ask the other player if he or she would like to duel you.
( The players have the option of accepting or declining Light Saber duels)

If the other player accepts the referee will bring you two together and will do a 3 second count down they when he waves you two to start the duel is on!!

The first player to touch the enemy player any where on their body with the blade of their light saber will win the duel..

The Winner will receive points for his team and will get to continue to play as a live player.

The Loser will be eliminated and have to go respawn.

During Light Saber duels the only way to eliminate players participating is with a Light Saber..So paintball hits, Snipers ect. will not count during duels towards these players.

HOWEVER... During duels players are not allowed to carry game props or complete missions of any kind unless it is specifically a Light Saber based mission.

During duels keep in mind.. both players are swinging Light Sabers at each other and a lot of times during these duels when player gets hit it will not be a " Light Tap".
Just remember we are all here to have fun do not go full barbarian on some one.
Keep that in mind when you are offering or accepting a duel.

DO NOT SWING TO HIT THE MASK we would like to keep everyone safe and making sure their masking stays on their face is part of that safety.

~~Recommendations for dueling..~~

Since we are allowing both types of Light Sabers: Collapsible & "Stunt Sabers" we recommend you try to duel a player with the same type of Light Saber as yours. "Stunt Sabers" will have a longer reach then the collapsible and weigh slightly more.. which could make the duel very difficult for the person with the collapsible Light Saber.

Tighten your head strap.. BUCKLE YOUR CHIN STRAP.
We wont make it requirement at first. but if people start getting a little crazy with the masks we will Change the CHIN STRAP policy to REQUIRED to participate in a Light Saber duel.

Wear gloves its gonna be cold and for some reason when dueling more often then not you will get hit in the hand.

IF you have brought a Light Saber no matter what type of Light Saber it may be YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your own Light Saber. If it gets broken, stolen or lost, the game producer and field staff will not be liable for replacing or fixing your Light Saber.

Due to the over whelming demand for allowing different types of Light Sabers to be used.. We will allow it and continue to allow it as long as there is not any serious issues regarding the safety and well being of the players.

A lot of this will fall on you Jedis and Siths to compose yourself properly when using a Light Saber and do not abuse your right to have fun using your Light Saber.