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Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 8:30 AM CDT
Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at 10:00 AM CDT

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Rehab Connections staff 
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Wellness and Weight Loss --

A Deeper Dive

New 8 session program starts

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The overall themes continue in the WWL - A Deeper Dive:

  • Wellness strategies personally or professionally
  • Weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight
  • Learning simple lifestyle modifications to feel better
  • Building immune system resilience
  • Brain health related to memory, anxiety, and brain fog

Plus new health and healing topics and more conversation

to support and sustain improvements and positive changes.

Expand your knowledge and apply more strategies for optimal health and weight loss including diet/nutrition and lifestyle with a minimum commitment of only 3 hours per month, each session is 90 minutes, to maximize your wellness IQ to feel better, move better, think better, and sleep better.

By applying the model of our successful CDC-approved Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) plus our most popular continuing education courses for rehab professionals, these new Wellness and Weight Loss classes include the most effective strategies and helpful information based on participant reviews. Our 2019-2020 DPP group of 10 participants lost a grand total of 207# including losses over holidays! New update! 100% of our 2021 and 2022 WWL groups lost weight every class session, even with challenging events and holidays! Perhaps more importantly they reported making better food choices, feeling good, having more energy, and improvements in lab tests including cholesterol.

Popular highlights will continue to include sharing wins and successes, and actionable steps and information. Plus sessions will continue to include pearls for optimal weight control, optimal immune system response, and optimal brain health. Plus basic education and support for issues related to digestion, elimination, eating habits, and (of course!) exercise/activity/movement are woven throughout the program. Support is provided between sessions too!

Special addition to this 8 week program - Mindful Morning Movement! Learn and perform a series of 8 simple movement routines of 3-5 minutes each in sitting. By the end of WWL - A Deeper Dive, you will have a 30 minute personalized routine incorporating breathing, mobility, gentle strengthening, principles of Pilates and yoga, and brain training for neuroplasticity. (Very relevant for participating clinicians to share with patients!)

Less than $25 per session!

Pre-registration for the entire program is required.

If this program is not a fit for you in the first month, you may request a full refund prior to the 3rd session.

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 Accountability can be fun!

Join us for this new live, group program that meets twice per month for 90 minutes virtually. This group program saves you hundreds of dollars on comparable 1:1 wellness sessions valued at $1200 or more!

Are you a PT or OT professional

and would like continuing education credit for this program?

This is a new format and special opportunity to receive live and self-study credit for clinically relevant and evidence-informed health and wellness coursework, plus you will receive experience in motivational interviewing! Complete all 8 live sessions of 90 minutes each and related self-study programs with post-tests at your convenience to receive a total of 16 hours of CE credit (12 live, 4 self-study) for only $275 (includes certificate fee).

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Schedule and topics * 

May 24: When and why weight loss stalls, staying positive

June 7: Digestion and absorbing nutrients, causes of gas and bloating

June 21: Gut microbiome "gardening", probiotics and prebiotics

July 5: Poop! Fiber, detox, constipation, low back pain

July 19: Eating challenges at home and away, your "why"

August 2:  Decreasing pain without medications, osteoarthritis

August 16:   Support systems, curb those cravings        

August 30:  Super review, measurements, and sustainability

Sequence and content of topics may be subject to change.

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Phone: 708.301.9933

Please join us for this new live, group program

twice per month for 90 minutes virtually!


Rehab Connections' new Wellness and Weight Loss program
is developed and presented by Sheryl Poremba, PT, CCM.
Her 35+ years of clinical experience plus advanced training and
personal health journey bring numerous complementary resources
and approaches to this new live, group program.