Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 8:30 AM CET
Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 4:00 PM CET

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144 Boulevard de la Villette
Paris 75019


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MLS Level 2 - Paris - 2023

"I can't thank you guys enough for continuing to educate chiropractors and students in order to better our profession for those human beings that end up on our tables" Molly D. - Florida

SPECIAL NOTICE: We are excited to announce our tiered tuition for returning participants.

If this is your 2nd MLS Level 2 use code SAVE10PCT At Checkout for 10% off your tuition

If this is your 3rd+ MLS Level 2 use code SAVE20PCT At Checkout for 20% off your tuition

**If this is your 1st MLS Level 2 seminar, please follow instructions for indicating 'first seminar' attendance in the required info section.

The Chiropractic training that ReVoLuTiOnIzEd the profession. MLS Chiropractic Training is the lifelong development of Arno Burnier, he and his staff have trained many of the masters that are leading the profession today. “Combining intuitive presence and perception with technical precision leads to mastery in the Art of ChiropracTIC.”

MLS is a weekend of hands-on, professional Chiropractic training. 

First we make sure that there are no cracks or fissures in the foundations poured at MLS 1.

Gain the confidence to care for ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME regardless of condition, surgeries, wheelchairs, contraindications, etc. Turn 'challenging cases' into victories of healing.

Chiropractic is NOT a Philosophy, Science and TECHNIQUE. Chiropractic is a Philosophy, Science and ART. 

At MLS 2 we “draw the ARTISTRY” out. This is where the fun begins and where creativity emerges.

This is where the “Unique and Individual Artist” inside each Chiropractors starts to take form.


The Path of Mastery continues with :








  • and much much more

This program led by Wade Port, DC,  Romain Cardinal, DC, & Michael Taieb, DC, 

Wade Port, DC

Wade has been taught by some of the most powerful visionaries in the modern era. Arno Burnier, Donald Epstein, Sue Brown, Pasquale Cerasoli, Lou Corleto, Jay Komarek, Suzan Rossi, Pete Goldman and many more in and out of the profession.

He has run a successful, principled, cash practice since 2005 and has been on staff with Arno Burnier since 2003.

Though Wade has been teaching Chiropractors for well over a decade, you can often find him attending seminars as much as he teaches them.

When he is not in his Atlanta office you can often find him on the side stage taking care of world touring bands and performing artists. He has been caring for bands like STS9, Umphrey's McGee, Tauk, Steve Kimock Band, Papadosio, The Funky Meters, and casts of Broadway plays for over 15 years. Wade was also Tony Robbins’ personal Chiropractor and was recently voted 2018 Chiropractor of the Year by the Georgia Council of Chiropractic.

Wade has a unique ability to draw out the most authentic gifts from the participants he serves and engage them on the Path of Mastery. Uncover your innate gifts with Wade.

Romain Cardinal, DC 

Romain graduated from IFEC Paris in 2019. He opened his office in La Butte aux Cailles a charming area of Paris. Within 1 year he build a busy and highly successful practice. He practices pure, simple vitalistic chiropractic based on the philosophy, science and the natural laws of life. He is committed, dedicated, focused, passionate about being a true chiropractic professional. His adjusting skills are through the roof, especially been as early in his career as he is. He is a master in the making. He trained and staffed at multiple MLS adjusting seminars where his focus, passion, intensity, commitment and maturity was obvious to all. He is all about being fully present, connected within and aware of Universal Intelligence omnipresence within and without. He empowers and frees people to take their inner power back. His presence is gentle yet powerful. He is a fantastic teacher with power and clarity of words and purpose. 

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"Seriously the most transformative weekend ever! Can't wait to go to another one. Y'all are a blessing beyond words. Thank you for sharing your love and your light to the world." Rochelle G. - Dallas


"I noticed an immediate shift in my practice come Monday morning.There was a heightened connection between myself and the people I was serving that was undeniable." Chad M. - California

Our participants over the past 3+ decades have also reported a deepening of...

Trust Silence Connection Vulnerability Philosophy

Discipline Simplicity Peace/Ease Personal Breakthroughs

Biomechanical Clarity Listening Community/Family

Present Time Consciousness       Masculine/Feminine Balance