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Local Chapter Dues for Professional Members

$50 for 2023

Residential property managers who are Professional Members of the NARPM and pay annual dues to the national organizations are requested to support their local chapter by paying modest local chapter dues. For the Sacramento Area Chapter of NARPM, the local chapter dues for 2023 are only $50.

Payment of these dues provides the member with discounts to most programs presented by the local chapter. The savings are significant. The additional cost for non-members to attend programs typically is $10 to $20, so the cost of the annual local dues will be recouped after only a few events or classes.

Local chapter dues are collected separately from the dues for the naitonal organization. The dues cover the membership period from January 1 to December 31 and are not pro-rated during year since the cost is minimal.

We appreciate your support of our chapter's progams through your payment of the 2023 local chapter dues.

Thank you.

Click here to pay your local chapter dues