Monday, June 12, 2023 at 8:30 AM CDT
Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 4:00 PM CDT

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Region 13 ESC Technology and Training Center
5701 Springdale Road
Austin, TX 78723

Driving Directions


Presenter: Tonia Gibson


Tonia Gibson is a managing consultant at McREL who helps K-12 teachers and school leaders apply evidence-based best practices to improve student learning and school cultures. She is committed to helping schools and districts develop strategic, sustainable, and contextualized improvement initiatives. Prior to joining McREL, Tonia was a classroom teacher, school administrator, and professional learning facilitator. She is a co-author of The New Classroom Instruction That Works, Learning That Sticks, and Unstuck: How Curiosity, Peer Coaching, and Teaming Can Change Your School.

Presenter: Kris Rouleau


Kristin Rouleau, Ed.D., is the vice president of learning services at McREL where she works with schools, districts, and state departments of education as they navigate change and implement practices and structures to increase student achievement. She strongly believes in the capacity of all students to achieve at high levels and the power of teachers and leaders to positively impact the lives of the students they serve. She is the co-author of The New Classroom Instruction That Works (2022), Learning That Sticks (2020), and Curiosity Works: A Guidebook for Moving Your School from Improvement to Innovation (2018). Prior to joining McREL, Kris was a teacher and school administrator with nearly 30 years of experience working in a variety of racially and culturally diverse communities.


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The New Classroom Instruction That Works
14 Research-based Strategies for Increasing Your Students' Achievement  


June 12-13, 2023          Austin, Texas

Join Tonia Gibson and Kris Rouleau—co-authors of The New Classroom Instruction That Works—for this two-day professional learning event to gain expertise and insights on evidence-based teaching strategies you can use in your classroom to help students make bigger gains in their learning.

In this interactive, learner-centered session, participants will learn about:

  • 14 strategies for best first instruction that multiple research studies show have the strongest connections to higher levels of student learning and success--and work in diverse school settings for students of all backgrounds. You'll learn when, why, and how to use these practices to help your students learn more
  • A learning model leveraging principles from cognitive science to help you spark students' interest and motivation for learning, deepen their understanding, and expand and apply their knowledge to new contexts and situations.
  • Classroom-ready tools and learning activities aligned with research that you can use with your students.
  • Strategies to plan for learning, with dedicated time and coaching to help you process and apply the strategies, contextualized to your classroom goals and needs.

Register now and join this session to learn how you can leverage curiosity throughout the three stages of memory in order to engage and sustain student interest and motivation in learning. You'll also explore a brain-based model of learning so that you can be increasingly intentional about how you plan for learning based on where students are in the learning process.

Throughout the event, you'll experience professional learning using the same evidence-based practices and learning model that you will learn about, so that you have a better understanding of how using these practices at just the right time supports learning.

All participants will receive a copy of The New Classroom Instruction That Works, co-published by ASCD and McREL.

Designed for: K-12 teachers, instructional coaches and mentors, principals and assistant principals, central office PD and instruction leaders.

Small group format: This 2-day session will be capped at 70 registrants in order to maximize participant engagement and to allow for contextualized conversations and guidance.

Registration fee: $299 per person. Includes materials, lunch, and refreshments.

Register by April 30, 2023 and save 10%.

Additional discounts available for teams of 3 or more people registering together (contact events@mcrel.org to receive discount code).


Monday, June 12, 2023

8:00 - 8:30 a.m.

  • Check in and registration

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  • Welcome and Introduction 
  • Objectives, Success Criteria, and Personal Goals
  • Making Connections: Curiosity, Memory, and Learning
  • Planning for Teaching, Planning for Learning: What's the Difference
  • What's New in The New Classroom Instruction That Works?
  • Using a Brain-Based Model for Learning with the 14 CITW Strategies
  • Reflection and Feedback


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  • Welcome, Reflection, and Personal Progress Check
  • Objectives, Success Criteria, and Personal Goals
  • Strategy Focus and Planning: Dive Deep into Cognitive Interest Cues and Student Goal Setting and Monitoring
  • Strategy Focus and Planning: Explore More Strategies (customized based on group interest)
  • Reflection and Application: Developing Your Plan of Action