Thursday, April 27, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM PDT
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Session begins promptly at 9 a.m. and concludes at 4 p.m.


Pooling Resources, Inc.

POOL/PACT HR Attendance Policy

In-Person Training: Participants are expected to attend each session of an in-person training program in its entirety, whether a multi-day certificate program or a single-day non-certificate course. Those who miss more than one hour of a session for certificate programs, or 25% of a non-certificate course will not be eligible to receive a certificate of completion (certificate programs) or certificate of attendance (non-certificate courses) until all sessions are completed in their entirety. In addition, participants must complete all  pre-assessment and post-assessment evaluations. Failure to meet these expectations may disqualify participants from receiving a certificate of completion/attendance and continuing education units (CEUs).

More Information

If a reasonable accommodation is needed for this training, please contact your POOL/PACT Human Resources Business Partner by calling the office at                    (775) 887-2240.

*POOL/PACT Risk Management grants are available for travel and meal expenses to defray costs for members who would attend trainings if not for budget constraints.

Infectious Disease Requirements

Attendees exhibiting any infectious disease type symptoms (e.g., fever, shortness of breath, flu symptoms, etc.) in the 72 hours prior to the class are restricted from attending in-person sessions.  Participants exhibiting any infectious disease type symptoms will be asked to leave the on-site training/meeting.

POOL/PACT HR reserves the right to postpone or convert the program to a virtual format if local infectious disease restrictions change.


Influential Leadership

April 2023 - Carson City

While promotions and titles can be aspiring and noble, they alone do not inspire others to follow your lead.  It is what you actually do and how you treat employees that will determine if you are an influential leader.  In this course, participants will learn the knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective and influential leader in the public sector.

Participants will:

  •  Define influential leadership.
  •  Demonstrate ways of building credibility as a leader.
  •  Understand the importance of effective communication to   influence employees.
  •  Communicate a compelling vision to engage and motivate   your employees.
  •  Identify different communication styles that may help you   effectively communicate to employees.
  •  Recognize when various leadership styles may be most   effective.