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PDMP 2023 Associate and Investor Membership 

We could not do the work we do for dairy producers without the contributions of our Associate and Investor Members.  The goals for our educational programs and activities are specifically geared toward helping your clients, and perspective clients, not only remain in business, but be positioned to grow even more with the right conditions.

The sustainability and success of the entire industry is first dependent on the success of the dairy farm operation.  So now, more than ever, the investment you make in PDMP’s programs and advocacy for dairy producers should be part of your own organization’s strategy for success.  Your organization’s association and support of PDMP demonstrates to potential customers and clients that you are committed to the long-term success and viability of their business and that you share their positive attitude and belief in the future of dairy in Pennsylvania.  We hope you will join us with that positive outlook in 2023. 

There is one thing we know for certain...the dairy industry is resilient, especially when we support each other, throughout the chain.  We know you share our commitment to helping PA dairy producers to prosper and ask that you join our efforts by becoming a PDMP Associate Member for 2023.