April 17th 2023 & April 24th

12:00 PM


Dreher Family 4-H Building
2110 Harper Street
Lawrence, KS

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Kaitlyn Peine 
K-State Research and Extension-Douglas County 
These classes will offer new insights to a creative and healthy way of eating. Med instead of Meds helps change the diet into a more preventative form of care in the most natural of ways.

Focusing on eating the Mediterranean Way is proving to protect the body from chronic illness. For some cases, eating the Med Way can aid in,

  • reducing the amount of medication taken for hypertension
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes

Following along with this process will help individuals obtain the tools and information needed in order to eat a healthy diet for themselves, friends, and family.

There are seven steps of the process to follow.

  • First step: change your protein. Eat plant-based proteins such as beans, nuts, and seeds. Eat fish and seafood, ss well as white meat poultry.
  • Second step: swap out your fats. Olive oil needs to be in your diet as much as possible. Work on replacing solid fats like butter with olive oil or even canola oil.
  • Third step: eat more vegetables. At least 3 cups a day. Focus on darker leafy greens and more colorful fruit.
  • Fourth step: eat more fruit. At least 2 cups a day. The more colorful the fruit options the better.
  • Fifth step: snack on nuts and seeds. At least 3 ounces a week.
  • Sixth step: make grains whole grains. When looking at the ingredients for rice, pasta, oatmeal, etc., look for the word “whole.”
  • Seventh and final step: rethink your sweets. Limit sugar consumed to no more than three servings a week of foods and drinks that are higher in sugar content.