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PDMP 2023 Producer/Farm Membership 

The work PDMP does, as a producer driven organization, is even more essential for dairy families today than ever before.  More than ever, policy makers are dependent on quick and factual input from PDMP and its members when crafting and/or correcting pricing, environmental, tax, labor and other policies that impact our ability to sustain a profitable business.  With half of the members of the PA General Assembly and the Governor being new this year, PDMP’s work to build relationships and educate newly elected policy makers began even before they were sworn in. As the only strictly producer driven dairy trade organization in PA, PDMP remains laser focused on ensuring dairy owners’ concerns are raised at the policy tables in Harrisburg and Washington on critical issues such as carbon emissions, milk pricing, farm labor shortages, and even the unintended consequences government initiatives might have at the farm level.

And as policy makers change and the industry evolves, so too does PDMP’s producer programming.  Like our members, this organization is agile and adaptive, enabling us to adjust and add resources and professional development programs that are most relevant to the progressive dairy producers’ business today and for the future. Our programming this year is particularly designed to help producers meet the increasing demands of our customers and consumers, and to adopt practices voluntarily, to demonstrate that they need not become requirements or regulations.    

We have a lot on our plate this year and we cannot do all of this without you being an active and engaged member in PDMP.  We are proud of our industry and positive about our future in Pennsylvania, even in the most challenging of times  Please help PDMP to help you, and all like-minded dairy producers, by returning as a 2023 member and by being actively engaged with your fellow progressive, future-oriented dairy leaders of Pennsylvania.

To help us to continuously develop programs and address issues that are relevant and applicable to your operation and help us identify producer relationships with key legislators, please complete/update the information related to your business and submit the completed enrollment form with payment.  You can also download a printable enrollment form on the Producer Membership tab at  For your tax records, remember that only 90% of your 2023 dues is eligible as a deductible business expense. For more information, call the PDMP office at 877-326-5993 or email

Thank you, and work safely!