State Director

This individual(s) will be the lead point person(s) in a particular state for monitoring the bills in legislation, when hearings are scheduled, public comment opportunities, report back updates and changes to the bill status as they happen for The Unity Project team to keep the flyers, graphics, messaging and Resource Center as up to date as possible.

Campaign Canvasser

These individuals will print their state’s respective flyers and distribute to local communities, educating citizens on the bills being voted on. These volunteers are encouraged to organize groups to pass out flyers at local establishments, churches, school board meetings, etc. These digital flyers can be shared with anyone virtually so send them far and wide!

Congressional Caller 

These individuals will call/email/tweet their state representatives and express their opposition or support for a bill in an ongoing basis and provide public comments during a hearing. Public comment opportunities will be listed on the Resource Center as well as sample scripts and talking points.  

Social Sharer

These individuals can share social media graphics with their online networks to help bring awareness to the bills and their consequences. Tag The Unity Project on social media channels and we will reshare and help expand the reach. Let’s make these bills and the lawmakers proposing them go viral!


The Unity Project 
The Unity Project 

2023 National Take Action Campaign Volunteer Registration 

The 2023 National Take Action Campaign is an awareness initiative to educate communities and concerned citizens across the country on bills being voted on in their state legislature that should be supported or opposed when is comes to Medical Freedom and Parental Rights. 

The Unity Project is spearheading this campaign with dozens of grassroots organizations, volunteers and strategic partners across the US to educate their communities through flyer canvassing, social media outreach, calls to state legislators, and volunteer positions monitoring bills throughout each state’s legislative session. 

With the help of our strategic partners, The Unity Project’s 2022 Take Action Campaign in California passed out more than 150,000 flyers in three languages and educated 86% of California communities on the consequences these anti-Medical Freedom and Parental Rights bills would have on anyone living, working, or learning in the state.  

This campaign helped to kill bills like SB 866 and table several others from being voted on. Now we are expanding to states across the country with a ‘Take Action’ Resource Center on The Unity Project website where the public can access state-specific digital flyers, graphics and shareable social media assets, talking points, as well as educational, scientific data and background.  

As The Unity Project expands our Take Action Campaign to other states, we’ve created a volunteer program to create an efficient and effective line of communication and organization in local efforts. We need as many boots on the ground as possible to save this country! 

Please register with the button below to join our volunteer program and learn more about fighting these bills in your state!