Roadside Collision Hazard Solutions


Wednesday, March 15, 2023 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT


This is an online event.



Heather Emmet
Hazard Control Technologies

The Agenda

In the last decade, the use of flammable metals such as magnesium and titanium for OEM and after market automotive parts has increased immensely. What used to be utilized sparingly for smaller components is now widely used in the gearboxes, front end beams,
steering columns, air bag housings, steering wheels, seat frames
and fuel tank covers of countless makes and models. These metals are highly hazardous, burning at significantly higher temperatures than other common fire hazards.

Incidents involving hybrid and electric vehicles continue to skyrocket.
Hybrid and electric vehicles involved in roadside collisions can pose many risks that separate them from your average roadside emergency, including thermal runaway, re-ignition and the emission of toxic flammable off-gases.

These risks don't stay at the scene of the incident. Hospitalization after prolonged HF gas exposure is common. If thermal runaway propagation is not halted properly, lithium-ion batteries have a documented history of re-igniting hours to days post-incident at scrap yards and recycling facilities.
 This innovation is paving the way for a bright automotive future,
but we must remain prepared with innovative fire protection technology.
 Learn how Encapsulator Technology is versatile enough to mitigate a variety of hazards your team will face while providing unprecedented safety and efficiency.