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As research has conclusively proven, parents are by far the greatest faith influencers of their children.  With that in mind, and in response to parent input, we have adapted our grades 1-5 Children’s Faith Formation with the goal of providing a more lasting and lived faith life for our families presented in a flexible manner to meet parents’ stated needs.

For parishioners of all ages, there are opportunities throughout the year that provide an enhanced Catholic foundation in participatory and engaging settings, enabling all to grow and share in faith together. 

  • Adults - watch the bulletin for adult and family opportunities throughout the year.
  • Middle school grades 6-8 - These years are an important time for youth to more fully form their moral and spiritual identities. Journey small faith groups support this growth in a welcoming, supportive small-group setting that allows for sharing and growing in faith with peers.  We meet as small groups in leaders’ homes.
  • Children's Faith Formation for grades 1-5 - Recognizing and respecting that parents and family are the primary influencers of faith for children of this age, Children's Faith Formation provides gatherings, resources, flexibility, and guidance to support parents in raising children with a lived faith that lasts a lifetime.  Children’s Faith Formation occurs both in the home and in community.  Throughout the year, there are six planned Family Faith Events held at Saint Anne, with the balance of the sessions being in the home as a family.  Parents receive coaching and are offered opportunities to share ideas and advice with one another.

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is a two-year process that begins in the fall two years prior to sacrament reception.  For example, those who begin in the fall of first grade will be prepared for sacrament reception in the spring of second grade.  First Reconciliation and First Eucharist preparation and reception can also take place at any time beyond second grade. 

It is our hope that greater flexibility, guided by life-stage needs, will better support our families in achieving a lived faith that does not begin and end with program dates and first sacraments. 

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As individuals, couples and families

when we experience and share our faith together as community

we are all richer for the experience!