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Tony Wu 
INCOSE Canada Chapter 

MBSE in the Rail Industry - Tues April 11, 2023 - INCOSE Canada

This is an INCOSE volunteer-organized virtual event brought to you at no cost by the INCOSE Canada Chapter in collaboration featuring speaker Qifang Wang and Sergio Guindas García.

Event Abstract

As systems become increasingly complex, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is emerging as a powerful approach for managing this complexity. MBSE can improve communication among stakeholders and support various engineering tasks throughout the system's lifecycle.

In this session hosted by INCOSE Canada, we will explore how MBSE can benefit the railway industry from two different perspectives: the Train Manufacturer and Railway Operator & the Infrastructure Manager. Our speakers will introduce the main technological challenges facing the industry and justify why MBSE is a promising solution. Join us to learn more about the potential added value of MBSE and its application in this exciting industry.

Speaker Bio

Qifang Wang holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and System Engineering from INSA, as well as an Advanced Masters in System Engineering from ISAE-Supareo. At Alstom Transportation, she serves as the Rolling Stock MBSE Method and Tool Referent, responsible for developing and deploying MBSE methodology for rolling stock functional architecture design. With her extensive expertise, Qifang is a valuable resource for those looking to improve their understanding and application of MBSE.

Sergio Guindas García is a Systems Engineer & Architect for Deutsche Bahn, where he focuses on developing connectivity and computation platforms for the digitization of the railway network for autonomous train operation. He holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Madrid Polytechnic University and a Masters in Systems Engineering from ISAE-Supareo, as well as an MBA from EAE Business School in Spain. Sergio is also a part-time lecturer at INSA, ISAE-Supaero, and ENAC engineering schools, where he teaches MBSE and INCOSE certification exam preparation courses. Since 2017, he has been an INCOSE member and is currently a member of the MBSE Working Group within the Spanish Chapter, as well as an active participant in the French Chapter. His diverse experience and knowledge make him an ideal speaker for the upcoming INCOSE Canada event.