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If you have questions about renewing/ continuing your authorization to deliver McREL's Balanced Leadership professional learning workshops, or if you need assistance with registering for a renewal session, please contact:

Rai Imlay



Balanced Leadership

for Student Learning

2023 Online Renewal
for Authorized Facilitators

Monday, August 28

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET

10 a.m. CT  |  9 a.m. MT  |  8 a.m. PT

Currently authorized facilitators of McREL's Balanced Leadership program who want to continue delivering this professional learning workshop in their school district (or service region) during the 2023-24 school year must renew their authorization by attending one of our available online renewal sessions.

This registration page is for the August 28, 11 a.m. ET session. To register for this event, click the Register Now button below.

Annual Renewal Fee: $299 per person. To order by PO/Invoice, proceed to registration and select the "pay by check" option.


It has been almost two years since we released the new Balanced Leadership for Student Learning content. We would enjoy hearing from you about what has worked well and what has not. Our goal is to have leaders focus on what matters most and increase their intentionality around their leadership.

Updates that will be presented and discussed during the renewal session include:

  • New organization of the participant manual: Each session will now have numbered index dividers instead of using colored sheets to differentiate the support material. We don’t know about you, but we spend way too much time helping people find specific handouts! The tab dividers should make it easier for all of us.
  • Clarification of instructions for activities: Some activities need better instructions, and we’ve added clarity to them. We'll review these changes during the renewal session.
  • Some activity modifications: We have learned from our experience and heard from some of you about good modifications to some activities. We’ll share and discuss these modifications.
  • New materials to support school leaders who participated in Balanced Leadership in the past and may want a refresher: We have created four two-hour sessions with highlights of each Balanced Leadership component that you can use if needed.
  • Materials to support continued learning. We’ll provide you with some additional readings and activity ideas to support continued learning and application within your district.
  • Clean-up of language and slides: Even with multiple reviews, a few typos and errors slipped through. We’re cleaning it up.