Dissociative Identity Disorder:
Valuable Perspectives and Tools from
Structural Dissociation, Ego State Therapy
and EMDR Therapy. 

September 8th: Dissociative Identity Adaptations: Creating The Landscape For Successful Treatment

10am-6:30pm Eastern


September 9th: Perpetrator Introjects in DID

10am-6:30pm Eastern

**Participation for both days is not required. Attending both days gives a more robust experience, and it does reduce the daily cost to attend both dates.

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This is a live online webinar via Zoom.


Ash Sabripour


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September 8th: 

Dissociative Identity Adaptations: Creating The Landscape For Successful Treatment

This one-day workshop will introduce you to dissociative identity adaptations to chronic complex trauma and provide an overview of safe, ethical treatment strategies. The team (Farnsworth Lobenstine, Katy Gelinas, Danielle West and Meghann Ellis) is committed to a compassionate stance, giving honor and deep respect to trauma survivors with lived experience of dissociation.

Learn from a collaborative team of clinicians who will teach you:  

  • about dissociation as a nervous system response
  • how dissociative identities may present in trauma survivors
  • the three phases of treatment for complex trauma and dissociation
  • how to assess and diagnose dissociative disorders
  • how to work with dissociative systems in building safety and stabilization
  • how to effectively use EMDR and ego state therapy to safely treat trauma survivors with dissociative identities using the Meeting Place technique
  • and how to guide trauma survivors towards wholeness in their lives.

This workshop will demonstrate treatment concepts using poignantly powerful video clips of Gillian Clissold LPC using Internal Family Systems and EMDR 2.0 approaches to work with an adult with dissociative identity disorder who graciously allowed her sessions to be recorded.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the ways in which dissociation is an adaptive response of the nervous system
  • Describe the characteristics of various dissociative presentations
  • Describe factors related to cultural humility and respect when working with individuals with dissociative and Plural experiences 
  • Describe the three phases of treatment for complex trauma and dissociation
  • Identify when to assess for dissociation and how
  • Describe three ways to build safety and stabilization with these clients
  • Explain why Ego State Therapy facilitates EMDR therapy with these clients. 

September 9th: 

Perpetrator Introjects in DID

On the second day of this two-day series, Farnsworth Lobenstine and Gillian Clissold will be presenting a unique, advanced webinar focused on working with Perpetrator Introjects/Perpetrating Imitating Part/Protector parts in clients with DID. These are the parts of the client that are experienced as the actual abusers with all their terrifying messages and harm.

This especially challenging aspect of work with clients who have DID has likely never before been presented with videos. The extraordinary videos will graphically illustrate the didactic teaching. The extraordinary videos included with this material  will graphically illustrate the didactic teaching. They poignantly and profoundly show the successful treatment of the client's Perpetrator Interject, uncovered in their fourth year of working with Gillian. Gillian primarily utilizes Internal Family Systems and EMDR 2.0 in her work with clients with DID.

These workshops are based on years of extensive work in the field: Farnsworth has been teaching workshops on working with clients with DID around the country and online since 2016. Gillian is a dynamic and engaging teacher who has an extraordinary affinity for working with the complexities of her clients who have DID. Farnsworth and Gillian have copresented several times recently. Drawing on the rich wisdom of the masters and their own experience, they will present a clear path to greater success with your clients who have/or may have DID. Registrants will be given access to a number of valuable articles. Participants who read them beforehand reported getting significantly more out of the training.

Attendance Costs & Additional Information:

The cost to attend Dissociative Identity Adaptations (part 1, September 8th) only is $175. The cost to attend Perpetrator Introjects in DID (part 2, September 9th) only is $175.

Attending the full event (Friday & Saturday) reduces the cost to $150 per day (or $300 total for the weekend). 

Early bird pricing ($25 discount) is available through June 9th and is automatically applied while applicable.

BIPOC/30+CMH Discount: If you are a BIPOC clinician or work 30+ hours in community mental health, you are eligible for a $50 discount for the weekend (or $25 discount per day). No discount code is required, just select this option for the applicable day(s) when registering.

Group 3+: If you are with a group of three or more registering together, you are eligible for a $25 discount per registrant if you are attending both days. You must provide the information for the other members of your group in the DISCOUNT NOTES section of the registration page. This discount only applies if you are attending for the full weekend - not available for those attending for a single day (Friday only or Saturday only).