Application of Rubber Fatigue Analysis with Endurica Software

For many companies, validating the service life for an elastomeric product is the most time-consuming and expensive stage of the product development process. The physical testing requires investment in prototypes that will be destroyed and lengthy trials that execute on expensive equipment. This course shows how Endurica's software can be applied to virtually evaluate fatigue performance and solve design issues at the concept stage. After this four-session course, you will be ready to use Endurica's software to diagnose and solve fatigue issues early in your product development process.


Tuesday, December 5, 2023 at 9:00 AM EST
Friday, December 8, 2023 at 12:00 PM EST

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This is an online event. 



Joe Suter 
Endurica LLC 

Application of Rubber Fatigue Analysis with Endurica Software


  • Understand key principles governing fatigue in elastomers
  • Select and specify material models that accurately describe elastomer behavior
  • Apply fatigue analysis workflows for
    • Infinite life analyses
    • Safe life analyses
    • Damage tolerant analysis
  • Successfully solve durability issues using Endurica software (CL, DT and EIE)
  • Day 1: Fatigue Life Simulation Basics with Endurica CL
    • Software installation
    • Overview of Fatigue Analysis Workflows
    • Managing Duty Cycle: Setting up the Finite Element Analysis
    • Fatigue Analysis principles
      • Fracture Mechanics
      • Critical Plane Analysis
      • Rainflow counting / Damage accumulation
    • Exporting strain history
    • Material behavior, part 1
      • Elastic behavior
      • Crack growth behavior
      • Calibrating the crack precursor size
  • Day 2: Common Workflows with Endurica CL
    • Material behavior, part 2
      • Mean strain effects and strain crystallization
      • Self heating
      • Specifying temperature effects
      • Ozone attack
    • Infinite Life Analysis workflow
    • Safe Life Analysis workflows
  • Day 3: Incremental Workflows with Endurica DT
    • Specifying Complex Duty Cycles: Steps, Blocks and sequence effects
    • Damage tolerant analysis workflows
    • Specifying Block cycles
    • CoSimulation for Ageing and Cyclic softening
  • Day 4: Working with Real-time, multi-channel load history: Endurica EIE
    • Managing road loads
    • 1D and 2D problems
    • 3D-6D – working in higher dimensions
    • Channel Reduction
    • Building a map of the load space
    • Load interpolation
    • Signal defeaturing and block cycle extraction

The Application of Rubber Fatigue Analysis with Endurica Software features live lectures and live exercises to familiarize you with Endurica’s workflow and software solutions. This course is a virtual training event and a link to the presentation of each class will be made available to registrants for their reference/review. These links will be active for seven days after the class date so attendees will have time to review the technical details and/or make up classes they may not be able to attend live. 

Dr. Will Mars is an international authority on damage mechanics in elastomers and the founder/president of Endurica. An engaging presenter, he enjoys answering questions and facilitating class discussions to ensure understanding. 

Endurica LLC reserves the right to cancel a scheduled training course if the minimum class size is not met. In the event of a cancellation, Endurica LLC will make every attempt to notify registered participants within five working days. Payment made for a canceled course will be refunded in full or applied to another scheduled training course.

Participant cancellations must be received at least 10 working days in advance. Registrations canceled by participants less than 10 working days before the training course begins are subject to a 50% cancellation charge. For cancellations occurring on the first day of a scheduled training course, and for "no shows," the full tuition fee is non-refundable.