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African Union Headquarters & Skylight Hotel 
AU - Roosvelt Street W21K19 Addis Ababa
Skylight Hotel - Airport Road Addis Ababa 1755



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           WORLD'S LARGEST            FREE TRADE AREA


Engine Room For Economic Growth

African leaders have come together to create one African market between 54 Nation States. This comprehensive and historic plan was created in record time with the aim of leveraging Africa's growth and development through the implementation of AfCFTA. Africa is no longer business as usual as African leaders are working together to add value to Africa's immense resources and increase their economies. Also, Africa's private sector is becoming very proactive in order to take advantage of the new world order through industrializing Africa. This means that there are enormous opportunities for growth in the areas of investment, partnerships, and joint ventures in all economic and social development sectors, as the continent becomes a key emerging market for international trade and investment over the coming decades.


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The 5th African Global Economic & Development Summit in partnership with Legendary Gold Limited is packaged and organized as the business component of Africa Celebrates 2023. This 3-day comprehensive African focused business event is designed to bring public and private global business leaders from all 55 African nations and the world at large to Addis Ababa, where Africa will showcase its trade ready projects which are seeking technical and investment partners, where financial institutions and investors come to offer funding support, and where government comes to offer assistance and information on public initiative's which are designed to help the global community to do business in Africa.



Enjoy African Culture

African Celebrates is a series of Pan-African events to celebrate African rich diversified cultural heritage and business. With the theme "Achieving African Integration Through Arts, Culture, Heritage & Business Leveraging on AfCFTA Implementation", Africa Celebrates is designed to celebrate Africa's unity in diversity by encouraging integration through culture which can be explored as a catalyst for social economic growth.

Five Days to Experience African Hospitality

October 24th - 28th

Not interested in business? Just want to experience Africa? The event welcomes Africans in the Diaspora and their families, as well as the International Community to join in Africa Celebrates 2023 festive events.

Every evening each participating African country will present their well-known entertainers, innovators, designers, chefs, artists, films and entrepreneurs to the global audience.

  • African cuisine is a unique fusion of different cultural experiences, all combined to create the modern mix of cuisine defining each country in Africa
  • Enjoy authentic African music from all over Africa
  • African Cultural Heritage is mostly represented in their dance culture and tradition. Dance performances from various African countries are represented

  • Pan African Films will be premiered and top film makers from across the country will be assembled to discuss collaboration and working relationships across borders
  • African Art Installation is an exhibition that will feature the best young artist from across Africa
  • Africa Celebrates 2023 includes Innovation and Technology and to this end, there will be an innovation and technology session as part of the conversation

  • Fashion for Peace & Development presenting Fashion Designers from all over Africa using fashion to fight poverty in war torn countries
  • The Awards Gala recognizes influential African's and Global Leaders that are developing and growing the Africa we all want to see.  Guests will be welcomed through a red-carpet cocktails' arrival and formal dining while our honorees are honored for their contributions towards the continent wide advancement of Africa.




African Union Headquarters

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Transforming Africa Through the Industrialization of its Economies

Please join us at the African Global Economic & Development Summit in Addis Ababa, at the African Union headquarters for a discussion on the integration and implementation of AfCFTA. The event brings together participants from all over the world to one forum, where they will meet Africa's major business players from both the public and private sectors.

African Continental Free Trade Area


AfCFTA is set to accelerate growth on the continent and increase intra-African exports by more than 81 per cent. The World Bank estimates the AfCFTA will increase Africa's income by $450 billion by 2035. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, this single market trade agreement will enable the African economy to reach the 29 trillion USD mark by 2050. 

Therein lies a tremendous opportunity for early movers to partner and invest with some of Africa's leading companies and progressive governments who are seeking to advance their agendas within this new economic frontier. The event will be held at the African Union headquarters and will be attended by Africa and global business leaders.

Making Business In Africa Count

The event will facilitate prompt business agreements/contracts between global and African businesses during the summit, owing to the fact that the event offers businesses functional access to some of the world's fastest growing economies, which are in Africa. Opportunities exist for micro-enterprises, small businesses, multinational corporations and global conglomerates alike. So get engaged and tell us your interest in Africa, and we will find your match. Take this opportunity to build and reinforce strategic relationships within the African continent and identify new markets to sell your products, equipment and technology. Africa has a lot to offer the world, and for the world, there's a huge opportunity waiting for you in Africa!


Country Pavilion

Country Pavilion will offer visitors a virtual representation of the Continent of Africa. Each participating country will host its own unique pavilion which features its participating traders, goods and services, and tender opportunities. The Country Pavilion provides information on the country and its rich culture, allowing global guests to focus on a country or countries of interest to acquire all relevant information for doing business in a specific country or countries.

Trade Ready Showcase

In the Trade Ready Showcase, African participants will present their key trade ready products or projects with bankable business plans and verifiable data to match with global investors. Risk management organizations and financial institutions will be present and potential partners can have access to the African Global Economic & Development Deal Room.

Submit your project today, projects will be evaluated, showcased and matched with organizations of interest.

 Only a few Slots are left!

Africans in the Diaspora & the Sixth Region of Africa


The political, economic and cultural importance of this Diaspora is increasingly recognized. It contributes greatly to the development of Africa and this is why the African Union has symbolically included the Diaspora in its organization.

This “Sixth Region” exists in the constitution of the African Union. In 2003 the Heads of State declared (14 (XVIII), as part of the AU constitution.

One of our major goals of Africa Celebrates is to celebrate Africa's unity in diversity through integration. It is a platform for Africans in the Diaspora to integrate and reconnect with Africa. Africa Celebrates is an open invitation back to the motherland. Join us and experience the culture of Africa, and the future that it holds for the Diaspora.


Benefits to Foreign Participants & Partners

Identification of new markets to sell products, equipment and technology. An opportunity to build and reinforce strategic relationships within the African Continent.

Explore investment opportunities in key sectors such as, Agriculture, Solid Minerals, Information & Technology, Arts, Sports, Entertainment, Infrastructure Development, Energy, Transportation, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Risk and Wealth Management, and Education.

Discover opportunities in agricultural value chain production, processing, agribusiness, marketing, and packaging for exports.

Exchange information on international best practices.

Provides agencies like United Nations, Development Partners, Diplomatic Missions, International Organizations, NGOs, etc. the opportunity to interface with a global audience on topical issues related to climate change, terrorism, refugees, internally displaced persons, rural to urban migration matters at break out and panel discussions.

Benefits to African Participants & Partners

Access to funding opportunities for the public and private sector.

Exhibition opportunity to expand into the Africa market and for finished made in Africa products, raw materials, solid minerals, technology and services to be presented before a global audience.

Access to twinning and training opportunities for federal, state, & local government officials.

Identifying new ways of generating internal revenue collection options with reduced faults in local communities.

Capacity Building and Empowerment for women and youths.

Skills acquisition for sustainable job creation initiatives. 

Establishment of pilot farm schemes in rural communities aimed at the smallholder farmer.

The African Global Economic & Development Summit is brought to you by Global Green Development Group.

Global Green Development Group is a strategic management and development firm for large infrastructure development projects. The Global Green Development Group was established to meet the one stop needs of third world and emerging countries by providing expert turn-key solutions through well-defined master planning.


The African Global Economic & Development Summit is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt non-profit organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.
The conference aims to build bridges between Africa and the world. Your gift is tax deductible.

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