Day 1 - Wednesday, August 30, 2023 from 12-5:00 PM EDT 

Day 2 - Thursday, August 31, 2023 from 12-5:00 PM EDT


This is an online event.  Zoom details will be sent upon registration. 


Heleana Melendez

CNA Center for Justice Research and Innovation Virtual Symposium 


The CNA Center for Justice Research and Innovation (JRI) transforms research into real-world programs and strategies for hundreds of justice system agencies across the country. We specialize in research, training, technical assistance, critical incident reviews, and operation, technological and management assessments and solutions. JRI is a thought leader working directly on the most pressing justice issues including policing reform and use of force; evidenced-based practices; violence reduction, officer safety and wellness; recruitment and retention; body worn camera research and practice; corrections and COVID-19; prosecution partnerships; justice system processing alternatives; and police-community relations, among others. JRI engages with hundreds of practitioners and research subject matter experts on a regular basis and has experienced notable growth in work and expanded partnerships across the justice system.


The CNA Center for Justice Research and Innovation’s Project on American Justice (PAJ) for 2023 focused on the future of the justice system based on current research and trends. To support this effort, CNA worked with several leading subject matter experts (SMEs) and senior advisors with research and practitioner experience in the justice field. PAJ included a series of fireside chats on the following topics: 1) emerging technologies, 2) community relations, 3) civilianization, 4) organizational change and development, and 5) the role of police, prosecutors, and corrections. The fireside chats produced monthly discussions involving risks, benefits, and action items to prepare for the future of the criminal justice system using a STEEP (societal, technological, ecological, economic, political) framework.