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Goochland County Sheriff's Office 
2938 River Road West, Building C
Goochland, VA 23063

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Brian R Willis 
Winning Mind Training Inc. 

Dare To Be Great Leadership: Strategies to Help Build and Sustain a Culture of Leading, Learning and Excellence

Great organizations are intentional and deliberate about building strong cultures and putting strategies in place to sustain that culture. Strong culture and courageous leadership do not happen by chance. Both are critical in today’s world where retention and recruiting are challenges facing every organization as they are the best recruitment and retention tools you have. This two-day workshop is applicable for people of all ranks and assignments and explores key strategies for building and sustaining a culture of Leading, Learning and Excellence built on a foundation of Curiosity, Candor, Belonging and Core Values.

The workshop involves reflection, discussion and dialogue and the courage to hang a question mark on things we have long taken for granted. It also challenges all of us to shift from thinking about ‘leader’ as a title or role, and think about leading as a verb, an action everyone can take. One of the keys to great culture is the understanding that while not everyone is in a formal leadership position, everyone is in a position to lead.

Topics To Be Covered During this Two-Day Workshop:

Life’s Most Powerful Question – What’s Important Now? 

    • History
    • Power of W.I.N.
    • Applications
    • Embrace, Embrace, Look, Look, Dare
    • Dare to Be Great


    • What is leadership?
    • The Infinite Game
    • Traits and characteristics of great leaders
    • The Second Question
    • A Course or a Culture?
    • Three Rules
    • Influence: Like a Leader or like a Boss
    • Legacy
    • Stress vs. Burnout


    • What is it?
    • Whose responsibility is it?
    • The role of Core Values.

Culture of Leading

    • From a noun to a verb.
    • Leading From the Heart
    • The Power of Story
    • Your Greatest Asset
    • Krulak’s Law
    • Everyone is in a position to lead.
    • Why? Why? How? What?

Culture of Learning

    • The Power of Questions
    • Mindset: Growth vs. Fixed
    • Candor and Curiosity
    • Human Error and It’s Impact on Leading and Training
    • The Value of Contrarian Thinking
    • Leaders as Trainers
    • Getting an ROI on Training
    • Feedback
    • The Need for the Relentless, Consistent Repetition of the Message
    • Micro Dosing Training

Culture of Excellence

    • What is Excellence?
    • Excellence in everything you do.
    • Excellence at every opportunity
    • Be A Good Ancestor
    • The Role of Sleep
    • Baseline Behaviors
    • Psychological Safety
    • Inclusion
    • Belonging
    • Control the Controllables
    • Hold Fast. Stay True. 

About the Facilitator: Brian Willis

Brian operates Winning Mind Training Inc., a company dedicated to serving the heroic men and women of law enforcement through the Core Values of Focus on What’s Important Now, Stay Curious and Seek to Inspire Others. Brian was a full time police officer for 25 years and has over 34 years of training experience.

In addition to his work with current and future leaders in the areas of mindset, personal accountability, service, and the pursuit of excellence Brian provides professional development training for public safety trainers. Brian has also served as a mental preparation coach for athletes from a variety of sports including two Olympic athletes. Brian serves as the Deputy Executive Director for the International Law Enforcement Trainers and Educators Association.