Friday, December 1, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST
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Joe Suter 
Endurica LLC 

Get Big Jobs Done Fast: Endurica at Scale 

 9:00 AM New York (EST, UTC-5)
11:00 AM Sao Paulo (UTC-3)
2:00  PM London (UTC)
3:00  PM Munich (UTC+1)
5:00  PM Istanbul (UTC+3)
7:30  PM New Delhi (UTC+5:30)
10:00 PM Beijing (UTC+8)
11:00 PM Tokyo (UTC+9)
01:00 AM Sydney (UTC+11)

Exa-scale computing is now a reality. The Frontier computer at Oak Ridge National Laboratories is able to compute at 10^18 (that’s 10 with 18 zeros) floating point operations per second and solve the largest simulations the world has to offer. Learn how to take advantage of high-performance computing to enable your big jobs to run quickly with Endurica workflows. With the new architecture comes the ability to run multiple threads and many jobs in parallel. When using Endurica EIE, multiple FEA jobs are required to span the space of envisioned loading and these can all be run in parallel. Add to that the ability to run Endurica across multiple threads and you can be shredding your execution times and delivering results that matter much more quickly.

Whether you run in the cloud, or on your own hardware, you can run your jobs faster when running in parallel. Join us to explore the world of high-performance computing and what you can do to embrace the technology and get your big jobs to run fast with Endurica at scale! 

Your presenters are Endurica's Development Manager, Jesse Suter; Simulia Industry Consultant Jason Barr; Dr. Will Mars, Endurica President/Founder; and Dr. Tom Ebbott, Endurica Vice President 

Jesse Suter is our Development Manager and is responsible for all software development at Endurica. During his tenure he has rearchitected Endurica’s software to take advantage of multi-threading and parallel execution. Jesse has written the code for numerous technological advancements enabling Endurica’s solutions for road load signals, incremental analyses, tire cyclic symmetry and more. He is also in charge of worldwide customer support. Jesse has been with Endurica since 2014 and holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Notre Dame.

We welcome our special guest presenter, Jason Barr, to this edition of our Winning on Durability series. Jason is a Similia Process Consultant at Dassault Systèmes, where he enjoys assisting customers with developing predictive methods and simulation processes.  He has over 20 years of experience in the tire industry, focusing primarily on tire simulation, vehicle dynamics, and software development.  He has a passion for democratizing digital engineering tools. 

An international leader in the failure mechanics of rubber and elastomers, Dr. Will Mars has received numerous awards for his scientific contributions including the 2022 Herzlich Medal (the highest award in the tire industry) and the 2020 Tibbetts Award (by the U.S. Small Business Administration for cutting-edge technology), is the author or co-author of 50+ peer-reviewed publications and holds four patents. His expertise spans what he calls the "special effects" of rubber and elastomers in material characterization, product evaluation, constitutive modeling, crack nucleation, fracture mechanics, and fatigue life prediction methods.

A tire industry veteran known for his leadership in driving advances in engineering workflows across a global organization, Dr. Tom Ebbott joined Endurica in 2022 after a 35-year career at Goodyear. While at Goodyear, he held various technical and leadership positions with experience in modeling and simulation, materials modeling and characterization, and product development. He was a major contributor to the technical partnership between Goodyear and Sandia National Laboratories, a role which gave him experience with large scale computing. He also spent 2 years at Goodyear’s technical center in Luxembourg as the Manager of Computational Mechanics. He has received numerous awards for his scientific contributions including 4 Superior Paper awards from the Tire Society.  

Bring your questions! Near the end of the webinar all four of our presenters will be answering attendees questions to help you to get durability right!  

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