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 2023 Church Theme

 “Committed To Being the Evangelistic Church” Acts 2:36-47


 Join us for this edifying week of Education, Empowerment & Enrichment!  This will be an exciting hybrid experience, with classes offered virtually and in-person.

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          Dr. Drew E. Marshall Christian Education Week

Trinity Missionary Baptist Church Campus 
113 Wessen Street, Pontiac, Michigan 48341
Church Office: 248-334-5043 |

Dr. John D. Tolbert, Senior Pastor


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Praises to our incredible God!

We pray that this week of study will strengthen your faith and increase your knowledge in the Word of God. The purpose of Christian Education Week is to provide you with instructional opportunities that reflect four paradigms of spiritual enrichment. They include Personal Spiritual Growth, Biblical Studies, Church Doctrine and the Christian Family.  We pray that these classes will prove to be beneficial to you and that you will leave this week inspired, enlightened, and excited about serving God. 

In memory of Rev. Dr. Drew E. Marshall (April 16, 1953 –June 25, 2011), we have  given this name for our week long celebration.  We all know that christian education was a passion of Pastor Marshall’s and that this week was always dear to his heart.   It is our prayer that the Lord’s blessings are upon the Dr. Drew E. Marshall Christian Education Week of the Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Pontiac, Michigan.

Dr. John D. Tolbert, Senior Pastor, Trinity Missionary Baptist Church 



We have now reached capacity for in-person classes, however there is no limit for virtual registration. 


Overcoming Walls to Witnessing - How to Avoid Hindrances to Evangelism  

 This course is designed to help us increase our evangelistic temperature. Evangelism is at the heart  of the Great Commission. The Lord Jesus Himself has called us to reach the world with the Good  News, but for a variety of reasons, we don’t fulfill this divine purpose. The areas of hindrance that we  will examine are: 

1. Time – Making Time for Witnessing 

2. Training – Having the Right Tools 

3. Interest – Not Personal in Reaching the Lost. Seeking God for the passion to  reach the Lost. 

4. Division – Dysfunctional churches are not welcoming to the lost. 

5. Distractions – Not using the opportunities that arise due to life’s distractions.  


When “Life be Life’n” 

How should Christians respond to the challenges of Life? This class will present the power of spiritual  disciplines to combat brokenness we often encounter. Spiritual Disciplines instill direction in the life of  Christians. As disciples of Christ, we should desire to take on the personality and the character of  Christ, the one of whom we say we are disciples. Students will be challenged to learn about coping  with Life by taking an in depth look into the Spiritual Disciplines. 


What It Means to Love God 

Surveying The Book of Deuteronomy On his last day on earth, Moses’s last sermon to the Israelites  addressed one of the most critical issues that believers face: What does it mean to love God? In this class, participants will learn what it really means to love God in spite of the world’s efforts to  turn our hearts away from the love of God and our fellow human beings. 


Jesus and Social Justice 

From racial profiling to mass shootings and gun control laws; to homelessness, human trafficking, and  economic enslavement, our society is troubled and getting progressively worse. What does the Lord  require of His church today? This class is based on the Sermon on the Mount and its claims upon the  lives of the people of God to make social justice a centerpiece for Christian living. Book: SOCIAL  JUSTICE JESUS: Justice, Mercy, and Faith as Presented in the Sermon on the Mount by GEORGE SON, EDWARD S., Avinu Publishing


Managing Our Emotions 

Learn how God’s word in the Psalms deeply affects our emotions. Explore different emotions, from  depression to joy to anger in the book of Psalms that will provide ways for Christians to deal with their  emotions.




 Pre-School | K-2nd

Grades 3rd—5th

Grades 6th—8th, Recharging for Students & Teachers

 Grades 9th-12th, Recharging for Students & Teachers