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Tree of Life Pendant with    Rosalind Darielle 

Join us in the Tree of Life Pendant workshop and explore the art of wire jewelry-making while creating a beautiful and symbolic Tree of Life pendant. This class is suitable for beginners and beyond, as we guide you through the process of crafting your own unique pendant.

Throughout the workshop, you will learn how to work with 18-gauge wire to create the foundational structure of the pendant. This sturdy wire will be shaped into a circular frame, representing the tree's branches and trunk. You will also use 24-gauge wire to securely wrap and attach the semi-precious chips, adding vibrant colors and textures to your pendant. 

To make your creative journey even easier, material kits containing all the necessary components will be available for purchase. These kits ensure that you have everything you need to complete your Tree of Life pendant, including the wires, semi-precious chips, and a set of essential jewelry-making tools. 

Speaking of tools, you will utilize round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, nylon nose pliers, cutters, and precision cutters to manipulate the wires and create the desired shapes and connections. Don't worry if you're new to using these tools - this workshop is designed to cater to beginners, and our instructor will provide step-by-step guidance to ensure your success. 

By the end of the workshop, you will have gained a foundational understanding of wire jewelry-making techniques and completed your very own Tree of Life pendant. This pendant can be worn as a meaningful symbol of growth, strength, and interconnectedness, or gifted to someone special as a heartfelt and handmade keepsake. 

Join us in the Tree of Life Pendant workshop and let your creativity bloom as you learn the art of wire jewelry-making. Discover the joy of creating a unique piece that embodies the beauty and symbolism of the Tree of Life.