Sunday, September 17, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM PDT


This is an online event. 



Lauri Shainsky 
SoulNote Shamanic Sound 

Shamanic Sound Healing Fall 2023

A 6-Session Experience of Healing & Learning*

Sundays 10 am- 3 pm Pacific time. 

September 17th

October 1st, October 15th, October 29th;

November 12th;

December 3rd.


I invite you to embark with me and other sonic-hearted people on an expedition of the soul, through the terrains and landscapes of vibrational energy medicine and shamanism.

We will xplore how to more potently:

~ Connect with your spirits, guides, helping allies--key ambassors of Divine wisdom and healing power needed in every day life;

~ Use your voice--easing in with the spoken word. Celtic shamans were called poets so we honor this tradition and ignite the voice with poetry;

~ Further our friendship with our voice through toning, singing and chanting;

~ Charge our fields with intentional sound—invoking the divine (invocation), greeting and igniting your soul (spiritual preparation and invigoration) as you advance along the comfort path of your sacred voice.

~ Explore trance induction with sound—vocal, drumming, rattling, “bowling”, bells

Enjoy the fruits of inner and outer shamanic sound healing—making spirit-guided sound on behalf of self, others, Earth, using shamanic healing techniques with sonic power--fundamentals of vibrational energy medicine.

Early bird special (before Sept 8) $350

 After Sept 8 $425