Sunday, October 22, 2023 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CDT
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Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 
563 west 600 north
Hobart, IN 46342

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Virgil Frey / Chad Lohse 
Blastcamp Paint Ball & Airsoft 

 THE PURGE: 2023   

 A BYOP Big Game. 

October 22nd, 2023 


For many years in a row now, the crime rate has steadily climbed due to the ever increasing population in the U.S. The Government, The New Founding Fathers of America, tried increasing the power of the law enforcement branches around the nation… only to bring the nation closer to an urban war. With all the country’s money being funneled into a failed attempt at peace, the nation spirals out of control with debt. After analyzing the situation for years and years, now with trillions of dollars lost into many failed attempts trying to calm the nation, The New Founding Fathers of America signed a brand new bill with a radically bold tactic to solve the nation’s issue. “The Annual Purge” Bill. To push the crime rate back down to the acceptable numbers of past years, The New Founding Fathers of America test a sociological theory that vents all the U.S. Nation’s aggression for one night, in one isolated community. Hoping that the Nation will get all its rage and frustration out all at once to calm the rest of the year, on Purge Day ALL CRIME IS LEGAL and all Emergency services will be suspended for a 10-Hour period.

After last year's test of this theory.. The U.S. Government declared it a GREAT success and will continue to make this an annual event through the country. Last year The New Founding Fathers of America spent all the countries resources on buying out all the big insurance companies in an attempt to hike up all the insurance premiums and fees by 600%. This also turned out to be a great success! Now with all their new found money for the country, America has been getting into all kinds of trouble. Payed assassinations of government officials that don't support the purging, New covert ops overseas to secure more oil and rigging the voting system to ensure the U.S. Always has an American President that supports the annual purging. With all these very bold political actions by The New Founding Fathers,they need to find an efficient way to take attention off themselves. Now with most of the country scared for their lives as the third annual purge draws near, The New Founding Father's big plan is to have politicians fight over if the purge should even take place this year, at the same time HIGHLY covering this with social media and paid broadcasts by news channels to keep all eyes of the country on their ploy and not on everything else happening in the world. However, little does the American public know that The New Founding Father's have already put their own politicians in place and at the end of all the political debating, will still push the purge through into action. It is predicted that when “The Third Annual Purge Day” happens the nation will be simply split into two factions.



Roaming the streets looking take advantage of the Purging.



Just trying to protect their loved ones and property from the Looters and make it through the Purging.


8am – Services open

9:30 – Game briefing

10:00 – 1:00 - Section 1

1:00 – 2:00 – Lunch break

 2:00 – 5 – Section 2


Awards and prizes to follow

Team Starting Points/Insertion Points 

**Teams will switch sides at lunch**

 Red "LOOTERS" Team  –

 1st half, The Wall

2nd half, Speedball


Blue "SURVIVORS" Team  –

1st half, Speedball

2nd half, The Wall


Team Designation:  Marking tape or Team Tags to designate team must be worn on the front and back of mask at all times and cannot be removed


Field speed/Firing modes:

 270fps(All Markers and vehicles)  

160fps(Law rockets)     

 12.5bps max – no ramping

Full auto allowed (under 12.5bps) however NO full auto in buildings 


We love the idea of letting players "purge" the paint left over from the current season. However we don't want players using unsafe projectiles nor do we want to hurt our buildings and bunkers. The general rule is that we want players to use paintballs with a non oil based fill. All players bringing in paint will be required to have the paint checked at our registration area before using it on the field. We reserve the right to turn away any paint that we deem unsafe. 

Here is a list of the currently banned paintballs:   

JT Annihihlation
Basic Training
Winter paint (polar ice, frostbite, etc)
Red fill paint

First strike rounds permitted 

First strike regulations

  • If your gun is capable of shooting First Strike – you MUST Chrono with them.  270fps
  • 40ft Minimum engagement distance. Players are encouraged to carry a sidearm and or have roundball capability.
  • No First strike rounds allowed inside buildings (40ft med) You can shoot out of the building from inside however no CQB shots allowed. 

Section 1 & 2



The game will consist of 2 main sections where both teams must fight over 1 resource MONEY! on 7 different territories around the field. During this time there will be many grab props to earn money scattered around the field and one slapstick in each of the territories to earn points at time intervals.



Money/ Lootables (Grab Props) 25 points each


There will be 7 Territories on field with a Resource stick .

Each Resource Stick is worth 100 points of the designated resource at location – scored every 30 minutes

UPON CAPTURE OF ENEMY BASE FLAG: Team receives 100 points and ALL attacking players in area will be eliminated and must respawn. Each base’s Slap Stick will be “reset” to home base color Every 30 minutes if its not on that color already.

Props must be placed in designated area at each HQ (PROP BUNKER) and will be scored at the end of this section  (1:00)

Props may be removed from the base by the opposing team however they must be in your teams designated area(PROP BUNKER)to be scored.

If shot while carrying props, the prop must be dropped and is then free to be picked up by anyone. Only exception would be if you are also carrying Twisted Mask.


Every 30 Minutes a main objective for both teams will be announced over a P.A. system through the entire field at once to announce to all the Purgers what is happening and where the objective is at.


Insertions for Players will occur at HQ constantly!


Luck of the Nation


“Twisted Mask” 

Twisted Mask will be hidden on the field. Twisted Mask will allow the holder to ‘Play Dirty’ to perform one of four actions.

  1. Use as a Sniper to eliminate 1 player
    1. Target must be in line of sight of user.
    2. b.      Target cannot be Healed
    3. Use as a Medic to cure one person OR self
      1. Cannot heal Head shots or sniper kills
      2. To heal a player ; forfeit Twisted Mask to Referee and wipe hit off of hit player and player is active once more.
      3. Moltov Cocktail “LAW”
        1. Blow up one Section of a building and eliminate all the enemy players inside the section of building.
        2. DOES NOT Permanently destroy structure


Once the action is performed Twisted Mask must be forfeited and will be hidden again by a Referee until another player finds it.