Saturdays starting September 16th and running through October 21st, 8am MDT
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Richard Wolf 
My Word Publishing 

According to the NY Times,
81% of authors want to
write a book. 

It could be the great American novel, or your family history, a collection of Nana's recipes, a children's book, or a book to create lead generation for your business. 

We can publish that book for you, BUT, we also know that not everyone wants our groovy help. So we have put together a 6-Week Self-Publishing Boot Camp to teach you how to professionally publish your book by yourself! 

At My Word Publishing part of our mission is to educate authors how to professionally self-publish their books without getting ripped off by predators. We also understand that not everyone wants our groovy help to manage their publishing project.

So we have put together a balls-to-the-wall Self-publishing Boot Camp that will give you all the step-by-step directions you’ll need to produce and publish your own book. We’ve held nothing back.

TESTIMONIALS from past students: 

    Self-Publishing Boot Camp 6-week Intensive will include:

CLASS 1: Understanding the overview of self-publishing

  1. What exactly is True Independent Publishing
  2. Costs to expect

CLASS 2: Steps & Timelines

  1. How and why to start your own publishing company
  2. The sequential order of all the steps in self-publishing – and why
  3. How to choose the right editor for you
  4. Where to find editors from free to budget to professional

CLASS 3:  All about cover design

  1. Anatomy of a cover design
  2. What does a cover designer do, and what do they NOT DO
  3. When should you get your cover designer involved
  4. Options for cover designers from free to budget to professional

CLASS 4:  Layout, Copyright page, Trim Size, Retail price

  1. Anatomy of a book’s interior layout – and watch for the biggest self-publishing mistakes
  2. How, when, where to get your ISBN – both free and custom
  3. What should and should not go on your copyright page
  4. What trim size is best for your genre and market
  5. How to determine your retail price
  6. List of free services to use for layout designers – as well as a list of proven, vetted professions if you choose to up your game.

CLASS 5: Printing, Distribution, and Ebooks

  1. In this class we’ll review your printing options—print-on-demand, short-run press, long-run press, and pros and cons to each
  2. We’ll discuss distribution options
  3. All about eBooks – from who, when, what, how to distribute, how to price, royalties to expect
  4. List of ebook designers for free to budget to professional

CLASS 6: Copyright laws and open forum

  1. Copyright laws you need to know!
    • Can I use lyrics?
    • Can I quote from another author's book?
    • Can I talk bad about people in my memoir?
  2. And at this point many people have started the process so we want to open it up to open forum to ask anything about your own personal project

Self-Publishing Boot Camp:

• DATE: Saturdays from September 16 – October 21, 2023
• TIME: 8am –  9:30am Colorado time (MDT)
• WHERE: Zoom
• FEE: $395
• WHAT: 6 x 90-minute classes with power points, discussion, Q&A,
              20 hand-outs, 
and recorded sessions

Self-Publishing Boot Camp is a 6-week practicum, chock full of information. You will walk away armed with the proper steps, contacts tutorials, and directions to produce, publish, and distribute a REALLY great book. Moreover, you will know the mistakes NOT to make. So please show up with an empty head, cuz we’re going to FILL IT UP!

: Just to be clear, this class will not cover anything to do with the craft of writing or book marketing – those are huge classes on their own. Self-Publishing Boot Camp covers the production, publication, and distribution of your book.

MORE TESTIMONIALS from past students

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