Friday October 20, 2023

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Meeting will start at 1:30 PM

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ACP-CRMC October 20, 2023

Chapter Meeting, Virtual Format

Members, Guests and Visitors are welcome to attend.

TopicTodd DeVoe will discuss the concepts of ‘Disaster Resiliency’ and ‘Antifragility,’ emphasizing their indispensability in the prevailing volatile global landscape. Amidst an environment with unforeseeable disasters and disruptions, integrating five simple principles to create a culture of preparedness within your business operations is not merely beneficial, but essential for sustainability and growth. 

 Todd will explore a spectrum of solutions to enhance business resilience. These encompass:

  1. fortifying supply chain visibility through adaptive strategies and technological integrations
  2. ensuring diversified and assessed supplier connections
  3. developing comprehensive and flexible contingency frameworks
  4. prioritizing employee empowerment through continuous training
  5. innovative thinking.

 Furthermore, it underscores the significance of transparent and continuous stakeholder communication, along with the implementation of feedback mechanisms and early warning systems. Professor DeVoe advocates for a transformative approach to leadership, inspiring a culture of empathy, vision, adaptability, and interdisciplinary collaboration, and emphasizes the recognition and encouragement of resilience initiatives.

 Speaker:  Todd DeVoe’s first emergency management position was with the City of Dana Point, CA. He led the city’s effort to become the second city in California to earn the TsunamiReady designation from the National Weather Service. Todd helped the County of Orange become the first county in the nation to receive the TsunamiReady destination.

The City of Seal Beach, CA recruited Todd to develop its emergency management program. Todd responded to the Salon Meritage shooting, the worst mass murder in the history of Orange County. The lessons learned after the event highlighted the role of emergency managers during these types of events. Todd left Seal Beach and moved to emergency management in higher education

Coastline Community College asked Todd to join the steering committee to help develop their emergency management program, and later that year, he was invited to join the faculty. Today, Todd continues to teach for Coastline College and The University of California Irvine.

Todd is a lifelong learner and a National Emergency Management Executive Academy’s Cohort VII graduate. He continues to research and write about important emergency management issues, crisis leadership, business continuity, and community relicense. Todd is an active International Association of Emergency Managers member and holds the IAEM Region 9 President position.

Todd is an avid reader. His favorite topics are leadership, emergency management, history, philosophy, and spy thrillers.  todd@toddtdevoe.com  https://emnmedia.com/


1:30 PM - Zoom open for Virtual attendees

1:30 PM -2:00 PM  Introductions & Chapter business.

 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM  Presentation & Discussion


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