Saturday, January 06, 2024 at 11am EST - 1pm EST
Saturday, January 20, 2024 at 11am EST - 1pm EST

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"Spiritual 911": Emotional First Aid Strategies, with Sherry Barton


Sherry Barton

Institute for Spiritual Development 

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Sherry Barton

Sherry is a retired Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Clinician with 34 plus years working with veterans, active duty military and their families. 2020, she moved back to her hometown, Schenevus, and her childhood home. 
She comes with a depth of experience helping people live their lives to their greatest potential. She believes people have their own right answers. She guided them to develop practical and pragmatic strategies to resolve inner turmoil and trauma. 
Friends and family told her she was a lightworker in a very structured and traditional mental health setting. 
She focused on ways to the people she worked with to create the life they envision and want. In that healing process they discovered new strengths and views about life that ironically, they never would have had without those past experiences. 
In the process of creating this new life, by using their life experiences, shaping them into the person they are today… they discovered the "gifts" in past trauma and experiences…

"Spiritual 911": Emotional First Aid Strategies
with Sherry Barton

Ever felt knocked sideways by an upsetting life event that caused an emotional firestorm? Sherry Barton, a professional counselor, and ISD Intuitive Practitioner, gives us techniques & strategic plans to safeguard our spiritual & emotional essence, to navigate through stressful situations with more confidence and a better outcome.

We've all had stressful situations that tripped us up, wreaked havoc, resulted in bad or less than desired outcomes, and wished we handled it differently and better. We realized that at that moment, we couldn't think clearly. At a minimum, these situations caused you spiritual and/or emotional distress or anguish. 
Preparation in advance is key; it's similar to having a disaster preparation checklist and plan in place. 
This will be an interactive and experiential 2-part series designed to help you to make strategic plans to safeguard your spiritual and emotional essence, improve the outcomes, and build your confidence.
You'll get basic strategies to prepare for similar situations, as well as learn a 7-step process for creating your personal strategic playbook. 
You'll have the opportunity to share your plan, get new ideas and perspectives from others, and get validation when you hear that others want to incorporate your strategies into their plan.