Join me for livestream classes online

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once you are done click the orange button to register

It's been so nice to "get together" with our community.

Exercise is so important at times like these, it gets us out of our heads and into our bodies. It's so grounding.

We need to stay healthy and strong!


How long are the classes?
Classes are one hour, except the 30 minute Full Body Express Class.

What equipment do I need?

For all classes:
A mat or carpet and a small pillow or folded towel to kneel on and a water bottle.

If you have, a theraband and a small ball, have them handy as I may give options to use them.

Core Connection:
If you have, hand weights, a thera-band and a small ball, have them handy as I may give options to use them.

Full Body Express with Weights:
A sturdy chair, hand & ankle weights - start small and work up. Get expandable ankle weights (see PRODUCTS tab on my website)

For Stretch & Relax:
A theraband, belt, long sock or scarf and, if you have, a small ball like a tennis ball to massage the feet (optional) once in a while.

What if I miss a class?
You are welcome to come to another class to make it up. You will have access to the links to all the classes.

How can I pay?
You have 2 options as you go through the registration:

1) e-transfer - choose "PAY AT THE DOOR"
    send an e-transfer to

2) PayPal

Is the cost per household or per person?
Per person.

Can I invite my friends?    
Yes. Direct them to my website - all the info they need is there. Please do not send them the links, they will receive them after they register. Thank you for your referrals.           

"See" you soon,