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Peter Zanette 
Canadian Friends of Finland Ottawa 

2024 Membership Campaign: Canadian Friends of Finland Ottawa 

Your Board of Directors serves the Canadian Friends of Finland (CFF) on a volunteer basis, but we need your contributions through membership to operate it. Please support the Canadian Friends of Finland (Ottawa) by joining us or renewing your membership.  Membership fees are needed to support our communications to members and the community, including our website, event registration, and email communication services.

Membership fees are $25 annually.  If you register additional family members at the same time, those additional individuals become members at the discounted price of $15.  Any immediate family member qualifies for this reduced price, so sign up parents, siblings, children and grandchildren!  Simply click the box "Add" under family member information to enter their names and email addresses (if different).  If you are a new member or a past member who has moved, please make sure to enter your address and telephone number on the registration form.

Behind on your membership fees and want to catch up?  You can also pay fees for prior years.  Pay by cheque, credit card, or cash at one of our events. 

Thank you for your support!