Kari Vogt
Vision of Glory Lutheran Church  or (612) 790-1581


Ironwood Spring Christian Camp

7291 County Road 6 SW

Stewartville, MN. 55976

Driving Directions 

Other Details

All Students: Parent Drop-Off begins at Ironwood Springs from 3:00-5:00pm on Sunday, July 28.  Pick-Up from Ironwood Springs will be Friday, August 2  at 10:00am.  

The health form and waiver will be mailed to you upon registration. Please fill out the forms and return to the corresponding person by July 21st, 2024.  

If you're from Vision of Glory: Attn. Kari Vogt, 13200 Highway 55, Plymouth, MN 55441. Due July 21, 2024.        

Packing List: 

BIBLE (notebook will be provided)

Sleeping Bag/Pillow- or bedding for a twin bed-whichever you prefer

Toiletries: DEODORANT, soap, shampoo/conditioner, towel (you may want a towel for the beach that is separate from your bathroom towel), toothbrush/toothpaste, brush/comb, sunscreen, insect repellent and hand sanitizer (there will be bottles throughout camp but it might be nice to have your own).  

Clothing: modest/appropriate clothing, costumes for dress up days (you will get a letter/email 1 week prior to camp as to what the themes will be),  tennis shoes (may bring sandals as well), clothes to get a little dirty in at the games :) ; swimsuit - Girls: One piece bathing suit is required

As always, MODEST clothing is the dress code- we ask that clothing cover bodies well.  No offensive graphics or wording on clothing.  

Other Items:  

Water bottle: to use throughout the week.  

Medications:  If your student(s) take medication it will need to be handed into our Camp Nurse.  We will need the medication in the original bottle with the doctors orders .  ALL medications need to be handed in - even over-the-counter allergy medication, tylenol, advil, aleve, etc.  There should be NO medications in a student's cabin.  

 Flashlight (optional- but highly recommended)

You may bring snacks/treats to keep in your cabin

Money for canteen and craft cabin : prices vary.  For the canteen, there will be snacks, ice cream,  candy, and beverages ($1.00-$4.00), camp nick nacks and clothing from the Canteen store (between $1.00-$40.00) .    For Crafts: We will be tie-dying again this year. Students can bring their own item to tie-dye but if buying the item from us it will cost between $1.00-$4.00. Other crafts will cost between $0.50-$4.00.

There are "EXTRA" options to do while at camp- this is just to give you an idea for the Canteen account and prices listed are per time.. if there isn't enough interest in an activity it may be cancelled: Zip Lining : $10 -2 rides ; Shooting Range (archery, bb's, slingshots): $10; GIANT slip n' slide: $10.00;Horseback trial ride: $30.00

Free everyday: swimming pool, petting zoo, mini golf, gym with climbing wall tennis, bball  

If you haven't already turned it in prior to camp, BRING YOUR HEALTH AND WAIVER FORM 

A FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! or TWO!!!!! OR THREE :)