Ways to Help Support Yuba Sutter TIP

TIP Volunteers are very special people. Each spends over 500 hours annually providing support to people who are experiencing the worst time in their lives. Volunteers are there within the darkest, first few hours of a tragedy. Not everyone can be a TIP Volunteer, but anyone - including you - can support a volunteer.

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Ways to Help Support

Item Qty. Max Limit Price

#1 Volunteer Safety Vests $50 buys 5

You will help us purchase vests which help Volunteers stay safe on TIP Calls.

5 $50.00 each

#2 Client Resource Guides $50 buys 25

You will help us print resource guides which are given to clients to help them obtain the follow up services they need.

5 $25.00 each

#3 Volunteer Academy $1000

All Citizens must attend the 55 hr Academy to become TIP Volunteers. You will help us fund this academy.

5 $1,000.00 each

#4 Adopt a Volunteer $100 for one year

You will help fund the equipment and the ongoing training of a TIP Volunteer.

5 $100.00 each

#5 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner $250

TIP recognizes TIP Volunteers annually. You will help us provide food and gifts for volunteers at this appreciation event.

5 $250.00 each

#6 Sponsor the Website $500 for one year.

You will help us maintain and update the TIP website which provides helpful information to survivors of tragedy.

5 $500.00 each

#7 Communication Equipment for TIP Dispatchers $250 for one year

You will help us purchase communications equipment to which TIP dispatchers utilize to dispatch TIP Volunteers.

5 $250.00 each


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    TIP Yuba Sutter
    P.O. Box 645
    Marysville, CA 95901

Payment Summary

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