Monday, October 24, 2016 at 1:00 PM PDT
Friday, March 31, 2017 at 1:00 PM PDT

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The Association Studios (a block from Warner Bros)

135 N. Screenland Drive
Burbank, CA 91505

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Nancy or Katie
The Association of Film and Video Producers
(818) 841-9660

Fall Oct 2016 - Winter March 2017 Filmmaking, Lighting and Editing Workshops

Enjoy the satisfaction of expressing yourself creatively through film and pictures. Our highest-rated workshops will expand your filmmaking skillsets in a friendly but challenging atmosphere. Hollywood pro's coach you with hands-on drills in creative scripting, camera operation, lighting and editing skills to make award-winning films.

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1 Free

Email us a link to your work for a free critique. fletch@cinebootcamps.com

Email us a link to your video and we'll provide you with a critique. fletch@cinebootcamps.com

1 Free

2-DAY DOCUMENTARY WORKSHOP in Burbank - Jan 27th & 28th 2017

Fletch will share his Emmy Award-winning tips: * What is a "keystone" image is and how to select it * Interview techniques to build a narrative track * Explain the secret of the "180 degree reverse documentary approach" and how it makes for a better documentary * The seven essential elements for a successful documentary * Common mistakes of first-time documentarians **PLUS Fletch will go over Documentary Editing workflow

3 $499.00 each

FAST-TRACK Premiere Pro Editing Workshop Workbook (It's an eBook of our editing workshop.)

If you hated school this training is for you. In school they covered all the things you don't care about first and then finally got to what you need to know. They made you learn all engine parts before you got to drive the car. We're revolutionizing education. We put the good stuff first and get you editing right away. Then, you slowly add skills with drills to do to make sure you have it. It's the new way of learning. It's called FUN.

20 $29.00 each

FAST-TRACK Darkness Workshop Workbook (it's a lighting workshop eBook)

If you hated school, this workbook is for you. We skip the boring, confusing stuff you don't care about and get right to the essence of good lighting setups. Hands-on drills immerse you in creating stunning lighting setups with minimal tools. We're making this workbook available for the first time to those who can't attend our workshops at our studio, a block from Warner Brothers in Burbank, California. We call it the darkness workshop because that is the key to good lighting.

100 $29.00 each

FAST-TRACK Darkness Workshop Correspondence Course (includes Workbook eBook)

The companion piece to the FAST-TRACK Darkness Workshop Workbook. This course is for you to submit your exercises in the Workbook and get our comments and advice to help you improve your lighting skills. If your lighting is really good we'll put it in the end of year competition. Cash prize is $200. for first, $100. for second, and $50 for third.

10 $199.00 each

Feb 24, 2016 - FAST TRACK, NATURAL LIGHTING Workshop, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Class limited to 10.

This FAST-TRACK workshop shows you the six things that make for better pictures in an immersive, hands-on experience. You'll work with multiple Emmy Award-winning cameraman, Fletcher Murray. Bring your model and shoot some great headshots of them. Learn how to make extra cash filming and photographing people.

5 $349.00 each

1 DAY Premiere Pro EDITING Workshop (You set the date. Class size limited to three)

Stop wasting hours on editing. This workshop will pay for itself. You'll learn advanced techniques and shortcuts from an editor who cuts long-form projects in ADOBE PREMIERE PRO. We show you faster workflows garnered from 14 years of editing. You pick the weekend that fits your schedule. CLASS SIZE LIMITED TO THREE.

1 $699.00 each

1 DAY Private One-On-One Storytelling Workshop - 7 hours (scheduled to fit your schedule)

Improve your skills as a storyteller with a camera. Learn how to make your pictures talk. We'll share 25 years of filming award-winning stories for corporations. We break it down in a step-by-step hands-on workshop that will unleash your creativity. (Partial Scholarships available. Call for details.)

3 $1,199.00 each

1 DAY Private One-On-One LIGHTING Workshop One Day. (You set the date)

We schedule this private workshop around your needs. It's the same "Darkness" workshop but privately held. We turn the world of 3-point lighting upside down and bring darkness to the lighting setups to find new looks and emulate the masters of lighting. Model and lunch provided. Learn how to successfully light green screen using polarizing filters and much more.

1 $749.00 each

1 DAY Private One-on-One DSLR CAMERA Training - (You set the date.)

In a private bootcamp two-time Emmy Award-winning Director of Photography, Fletcher Murray, will taylor the bootcamp to what style of film you want to shoot. You'll receive a Reference Manual and a Glossary of Terms to bring you up to speed before you start. During your private, your questions are handled first. Then we'll set the camera menus and do hands-on drills as you light and film scenes with actresses. Our highest-rated workshop.

12 $1,199.00 each

2 DAY Starving Filmmaker Package - CAMERA & LIGHTING Package (Save $719.) You bring the model.

For those who don't want editing but need private camera and lighting training we have this special 2-day, private bootcamp. Special 20% discount off our normal $749./day price saves you $719. (You bring the model. You pick the date.)

5 $1,199.00 each

2-DAY Private CAMERA, LIGHTING & FILMING Workshop - Save $419.) MODEL Included.

Two workshops. Day One - Camera & Lighting. Day Two - Filming workshop. Learn how to use darkness and light to make your pictures more "filmic" by understanding the simplicities to great lighting. (MODEL & Lunch Provided) This discount package can be scheduled on days that are convenient for your schedule. Call to schedule your training.

10 $1,529.00 each

2-DAY Private One-On-One LIGHTING & EDITING Workshop. MODEL included. You pick the date.

For those filmmakers and photographers who already know their camera, we offer this two-day lighting and editing workshop. A model is included on the LIGHTING day. Editing is done in Adobe Premiere Pro.

1 $1,529.00 each

4-DAY Int'l Filmmaking Adventure Shoot - Princess Alaska Cruise. AUG. 26 - Sept. 2, 2017

Capture images of breathtaking scenery and wildlife on a 7-day Princess Cruise of Alaska. Departing from Vancouver, you'll spend three hours a day over 4 days filming a short mystery film set against the glaciers, bald eagles, dolphin, killer whale, salmon, and scenic vistas of Alaska. You'll film with Fletcher Murray, a two-time Emmy Award-winning Director of Photography. Make your travel plans today. Class limited to six. Travel is NOT included.

2 $999.00 each

4-DAY DOCUMENTARY WORKSHOP - Oregon Cranberry Harvest - 4 days - Oct. 3,4,5,6 2017

Polish your documentary filmmaking skills with Fletch and his crew. We'll be filming cranberry harvest, and the rocky Oregon coast near Bandon, Oregon. Get great shots with Fletcher Murray, a two-time Emmy-Award winning Director of Photography. Here's the link to our last production. https://vimeo.com/122053055 Class limited to ten. Hovercam and underwater GoPro's will be in the mix of cameras we'll use to capture the beauty of cranberry harvest in the lush Oregon forests.

2 $999.00 each

3 DAY One-On-One Private Training: Camera, Lighting and Editing Workshop Combo . Save 42% $1,646.00

Three one-on-one workshops. Day One - Camera. Day Two - Lighting. Day Three - Editing with Premiere Pro. We cover things you'd like to know about to be a better filmmaker. This discount package can be scheduled on days that are convenient for your schedule. Call to schedule your training.

20 $1,999.00 each

2 DAY Corporate Filmmaking Workshop - CAMERA & LIGHTING for a more cinematic look.

This workshop covers how to adjust camera settings, composition, location and lighting to make corporate films more "cinematic". We draw from years of award-winning experience filming for corporate clients like Boeing, Princess Cruises, Hitachi, Alpine, Prudential and IBM.

3 $1,529.10 each

2-DAY CineBootCamp - A Guerilla Filmmaking Experience. Shoot a short film. Max class size = 10.

You'll learn to more in two days than two months of film school. That's what our students say about our classic workshop. Day One you learn the gear. Day Two it's lights, camera, action. Learn in-the-trenches filmmaking from Hollywood pros. We cut through the BS and the "opinions" of college professors and authors. We'll show you how it's done in the real world. Our motto is Life's Tough. Get a Helmet. We're the hghest rated workshop in the world. (CLOSED)

1 $1,199.00 each

GROUP Discount PKG. - Camera, Lighting & Editing. 3 days @ 30% off. Sign up 2 friends, save $758.

Our hands-on training for small groups. Includes DSLR filmmaking, Lighting and Editing Workshops for 30% off our normal price of $1,897. (Class limited to three.) A PACKAGE DISCOUNT PRICE of $1,327.99 (A savings of $858.00 each.)

3 $1,327.99 each

3 DAY Corporate Storytelling Workshop - Special - Three 7-hr workshops for three people. Save 40%.

We've been teaching the basic techniques of storytelling with film to media specialists from Boeing, John Deere, Costco, Wrangler Jeans, State Farm Insurance and others. We cover camera and lighting techniques as well as the creative skills to make watchable and effective corporate videos. 25 years of filming award-winning stories for corporations broken down into hands-on workshops that take you step by step though the materials at your own pace. Saves 40%.

5 $6,489.00 each

Apprentice Program - 13 classes at our studios 1/2 block from Warner Brothers.

Learn every step of successful film production - Prospecting for leads, Lead nurturing, Tools to use to turn a lead into a close, Creating an effective video, Nurturing a client, Insuring longevity in client relationships, Handling the money, Qualling the product. Learn the successful practices of an Emmy Award-winning Producer/Director.

1 $2,000.00 each


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