Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 4:00 PM PDT
Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 1:00 PM PDT

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Islandwood Retreat Center, Bainbridge Island

Seattle, WA

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Linda Hein, Administrative Coordinator
Alexander Technique International Inc
Deborah Adams
Sarah Barker
Manuelle Borgel
Marie-Therese Brown
Stephen Brown
Dana Calvey
Shellie Cash
Corinne Cassini
Marilou Chacey
Katie Chase
Carol Chung
Michael Clement
Lynne Compton
William Conable
Diego De Acosta
Alison Deadman
Robert James ("r. J. ") Fleck
Liz Frazer
Stacy Gehman
Suzanne Girardot
Sara Goldstein
Matthew Goodrich
Linda Hein
Harry Hobbs
Kathleen Juhl
Denise Kangas
Joseph Kaplan
Catherine Kettrick
Anita King
Pam Kuntz
Robert Lada
Carol Levin
Geo Levin
Belinda Mello
David Mills
Gabriella Minnes Brandes
Jennifer Mizenko
Stephen Mwaura
Rachel Prabhakar
Anna Roach
Wendy Rousalis
Elizabeth Sailer
Clara Sandler
Judith Saxton
Marieke Schuurs
Lisa Toner
Rachelle Palnick Tsachor
Kelley Ann Walsh
Debbie Young

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Deborah Adams
Sarah Barker
Manuelle Borgel
Marie-Therese Brown
Stephen Brown
Dana Calvey
Shellie Cash
Corinne Cassini
Marilou Chacey
Katie Chase
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FORGING PATHWAYS: Charting a course to a better world: 2017 Annual Conference, Seattle WA, USA

This is the official registration form for the ATI 2017 Annual Conference in Seattle WA, USA.

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Personal Information / Informations Personnelles / Persönliche Daten

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Badge Information / Badges ou cartes d'identification / Namen Angeben

  • Please enter your name as you would like it to appear on your name badge.

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  • I agree to allow ATI to use photos of me that may be taken during the Conference on its website or Facebook page. / Je donne mon agrément pour permettre à ATI d'utiliser des photos de moi, qui seront prises durant la Conférence, sur son site web ou sur sa page Facebook. / Ich bin damit einverstanden, das ATI, die auf der Konferenz aufgenommenen Fotos meiner Person auf ihrer Homepage oder Facebook Seite verwendet.

Annual Conference Attendance

  • Which day(s) do you plan to attend the Conference? / Quel jour (s) envisagez-vous de participer à la Conférence? / Welche Tage werden Sie an der Konferenz teilnehmen?

  • ISLANDWOOD LIABILITY RELEASE AND WAIVER: I am familiar with the Event for which I am registering, and I understand that my consent to these provisions is given in consideration for being permitted to participate in thes Event. I acknowledge that the Event involves activities of a physical nature that will take place in an outdoor environemnt, and may include hiking on wooded trails and rough terrain and in the vicinity of bodies of water, various "challenge course" activities, and walking on high bridges and canopy walkways. I further understand that these are risks associated with these kinds of activities, including risks not known to me or not reasonably foreseeable at this time, or otherwise. As a condition of my participation in this Event, I agree to the following:

  • I agree that I will be fully responsible for any and all personal injuries, property damage, loss of personal property, or any other loss that may result from my participation, and I agree not to hold IslandWood, and their respective agents and employees, responsible to the fullest extent permitted by law, for any damages, liabilities or expenses that result from my participation in the Event and/or my use of any IslandWood facilities and/or equipment. I agree that any media images aor statements taken by any IslandWood representative of me as an Event participant, shall be the property of IslandWood, and may be used by IslandWood at its discretion, for any publicity, education, marketing and/or advertising purposes, and I hereby consent to and authorize such use without restriction. I also understand that I will not receive any compensation should any image of or statement by me be used.

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Lodging Information

  • Sharing a room is a necessity, as space is limited. Most rooms are furnished with two sets of bunks, where each bunk has a queen bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top, but a small number of bunk rooms have a queen murphy bed in addition to a twin/twin bunk. Each room has a private bathroom. You must let us know if you have a roommate arranged, or if you need us to match you up; please mark your response below. We have a limited number of single rooms reserved for folks who have compelling medical or other personal reasons for not sharing a room. Single rooms will be on a first come, first served basis. If you require a single room, please mark the single room option on the registration sheet and contact the office at the email listed here on this registration form.

  • Please mark one of the following:

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    Dietary Restrictions (Please check as many as apply):

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Certification Processing Pre-Day Information

  • If you are attending the ATI Teacher Certification Processing sessions on Thursday afternoon, November 2, and Friday morning, November 3, 2017, please let us know in what capacity you will be attending:

  • Please note that when you submit your teaching application and evaluation forms signed by your sponsors, you will be required to pay the annual teaching member dues. Your Annual Conference fee or fee for the certification process does not cover those dues. If you are currently a trainee member, and you have paid your trainee dues, your teaching member dues will be pro-rated, and you will owe only the difference between your trainee dues and the teaching member dues amounts. If you are NOT a member of ATI, and you pay the non-member Annual Conference fee, you automatically become a General Member. If you then submit your ATI Teaching Application via Sponsorship in 2017, you will then pay the Teaching Member dues PRO-RATED by the General Member dues amount, which is $100.00 USD.

Lodging/Meal Charges / Pension Complete / Kost und Logis

Item Qty. Max Limit Price

Per Night Conference Lodging Rate Per Person/Shared Room (Includes all meals and snacks)

Please let us know which nights you plan to stay below by putting a 1 in the box next to the night(s) you plan to stay. If you have a guest sharing your room who is NOT registered for the conference, please put a 2 in the box. If you are staying on Thursday night, please move to the next item for Thursday night only to reserve that night.

Select up to 5885

1470 $191.00 each
1469 $191.00 each
1472 $191.00 each
1474 $191.00 each

Thursday Night Lodging Rate Per Person/Shared Room for Post-Day Attendees

Thursday Night Lodging and Meals: If you are staying at the Conference Site on Thursday evening (for pleasure or to attend the Post-Day on Friday), please let us know by putting a 1 in the box next to the night(s) you plan to stay. If you have a guest sharing your room who is NOT registered for the conference, please put a 2 in the box.

2997 $191.00 each

TRAINEE ATTENDEES Per Night Conference Lodging Rate Per Person/Triple Room (Includes meals & snacks)

Choose this option ONLY if you are a Trainee member of ATI, or if you are a Trainee at any AT School. This is a rate based on three (3) to a room. Please mark a 1 in the box for each night that you will be staying at Islandwood.

Select up to 7466

1492 $130.00 each
1492 $130.00 each
1492 $130.00 each
1491 $130.00 each
1499 $130.00 each

SPONSORS ONLY Thursday Night Lodging for Post-Day Attendance on Friday

This option is for SPONSORS ONLY who are staying Thursday night to participate in the Sponsoring Post-Day. IF YOU ARE A SPONSOR AND ARE ATTENDING THE Post-Day, PLEASE mark this box with a 1.

597 Free

Single Room - Single Rooms will be arranged and paid for through the office

PLEASE NOTE: We have a limited number of rooms reserved for folks who may have medical or other personal reasons for not sharing a room. Single rooms will be on a first come, first served basis, so please either contact the office if you require a single room, or check this box, and the office will contact you. PLEASE PROCEED TO PAY FOR YOUR REGISTRATION.

596 Free

Attendees staying OFFSITE Meals only PER DAYCharge:

Islandwood specifically prohibits attendees bringing in food from outside the Conference Center, so this option is for attendees who are not staying at Islandwood, but are attending the Conference for more than one (1) day. DO NOT choose this option if you are attending for a single day; your meals are included in your registration fee.

Select up to 5996

1000 $118.50 each
999 $118.50 each
999 $118.50 each
999 $118.50 each
999 $118.50 each
1000 $118.50 each

NON-CONFERENCE ATTENDEE Per Night Rate (e.g., spouses) ONLY IF SHARING A ROOM. Breakfast/Dinner Only

This rate is for spouses or significant others who may be staying onsite but are not attending the conference. It includes shared lodging, breakfast and dinner only. (No lunch or snacks.)

596 $157.00 each


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    Alexander Technique International Inc
    ATI, Inc.
    1692 Massachusetts Avenue
    3rd Floor
    Cambridge, MA 02138

Payment Summary

Allow others to see that I have registered. (Note: only your name, title, and company information will be shared.)