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435 Park Avenue
Harleysville, PA 19438

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Swimming Pool Registration- HCC 2018

Welcome to HCC! Registration now open! Take advantage of pre-season discounts up to 4/30/2018! On-line Registration closes 8/30/2018.

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  • Please see the Home Page for prices and descriptions for all categories of membership.

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Membership Names

  • ID badges are NON-TRANSFERRABLE and must be worn on the pool premises at all times. Sharing badges may lead to suspension of all pool privileges. Please see Home Page for more information on badges.

  • PLEASE List the name(s) of each dependent family member and/or individual and their age (s). Children two and under should be listed, but no ID badge will be issued or required.

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Rules/Regulations Contract

  • Please note that by applying for and accepting a swimming pool membership at the Harleysville Community Center you agree and acknowledge the following policies and procedures:

  • 1. to abide by the rules and regulations of the Harleysville Community Center for the use of the pool facilities.

  • 2. that the use of any pool facility includes some risk of personal injury and such use has an inherent element of risk of injury or personal property damage or both. You agree to indemnify the HCC.

  • 3. that the Harleysville Community Center staff has the right to enforce rules of conduct and may remove members and guests from the premises for failure to comply with any of these rules and policies. Members and guests shall not be entitled to receive a refund after such removal.

  • 4. to provide, if requested, a birth certificate or other proof of age acceptable to the Harleysville Community Center.

  • 5. to provide, if requested, proof of residency; documents can include the following: Adults – photo IDs showing address; bills in individual’s name showing address Children – school photo ID; birth certificate; guardianship papers showing address Senior Citizen – paperwork from Medicare or Social Security showing address

  • 6. No food from outside vendors allowed on pool grounds. Deliveries will be declined.

  • 7. that a $10 replacement fee will be charged for any lost badges even if you find the lost badge after the replacement was issued.

  • 8. Children under the age of 12 must be under the direct supervision of a responsible guardian age 16 or older. Only pool members and daily payers will be admitted. Members must scan their badges at the ticket booth upon entering the pool; daily payers must wear their wristbands at all times.

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