Sun Apr 8 to Sun May 22, 2018 for 8 weeks

12:30pm - 1:30pm Room: TBA
Jubilee United Church
40 Underhill Dr
Toronto, ON M3A 2J5


Ukulele Kids, Austin Jones


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Ukulele Kids Store - Order ADDITIONAL items. Free delivery to your child's school!

Item Qty. Max Limit Price

Pitch Pipe

A pitch pipe is a four tone wind instrument used every class during the course to teach everyone how to tune their ukuleles. Although not mandatory, we highly recommend that the participants have their own pitch pipe as they should not be shared.

5 $6.00 CAD each

Digital Tuner

Digital tuners are also a good option as they are the easiest method for tuning a ukulele. Tuning is done by a meter that picks up on the vibration of the ukulele and lets you know which way to turn the tuning peg. Keeping the ukulele tuned is important for the sound to be pleasing and a digital tuner is a helpful tool for kids and adults alike.

10 $20.00 CAD each


During the session we hand out extra song sheets, therefore we suggest that participants have a binder to keep everything organized. You may use your own binder or purchase a Ukulele Kids binder.

5 $6.00 CAD each

Ukuleles - (use this ONLY to order ADDITIONAL ukuleles)

Ukuleles make great gifts! Our Ukulele Kids ukuleles are a very good quality wood ukulele made by Mahalo and customized for us. The retail value of the same ukulele on Amazon is $45.50 plus tax and shipping. We will deliver it to the venue free.

Select up to 5

5 $40.00 CAD each
5 $40.00 CAD each
5 $40.00 CAD each
5 $40.00 CAD each
5 $40.00 CAD each
5 $40.00 CAD each
5 $40.00 CAD each
5 $40.00 CAD each
$9,999.99 CAD


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