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Karen Hayden
Northeast Region of the Alliance for Community Media


Thank you for entering the ACM Northeast Region's Video Festival. CAUTION - This site assumes you are paying for at least ONE entry. This means if you are paying for ONE entry, you just put in the one entry number and submit. IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE ENTRY, put in the entry numbers and under entry numbers information - put the total MINUS ONE

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  • Members of state affiliates, such as Mass Access, NHCCM, CTAM, ACMNY, VCAM, and CTACM who do NOT have a separate membership in the Alliance for Community Media, should choose the "non-member" option for this year.

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  • PLEASE list the ENTRY NUMBERS received through the on line entry website that this payment is covering. CAUTION: If you are paying for more than one entry, please note that the site assumes you are paying for one entry. EXAMPLE: If you have SIX entries, put it all six entry numbers separated by commas, then on the drop down menu below, select "5" (or one less). IF YOU SELECT "6" on the drop down menu, you will be charged for SEVEN entries. Please double check that the number of fees and the number of entries match before hitting continue. If you did not provide links to your programs, please send the DVD's by the deadline.

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