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Alex Akstens
Priscilla Aragon
Liam Armstrong
Madison Bashaw
Pierce Blackman
Jack Bradley
Lawry Braslow
Ryan Brown
Taft Buckley
Gideon Burnes Heath
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2018-2019 CFJ Class Membership

The CFJ Class is the largest double handed Junior dinghy class in California with more than 200 sailors competing annually in class sanctioned events. CFJ Class memberships expire annually on June 30. Verify your current membership status on the left. If your name is not listed please renew today. All boats must be legal class measured CFJs.

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  • The CFJ Class is looking for volunteers to help with all aspects of class management.

  • CFJ Class Volunteer Opportunites.

Member Boat Information

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    Who owns the CFJ you sail?

Boat Related Fees

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Boat Measurement Fee (one time fee)

Pay this fee only if you are paying for a boat's initial class measurement. All CFJ's must be measured and comply with class rules to compete in class sanctioned events. A one time measurement fee apply to each boat and a measurement certificate is issued and kept on file with the class secretary.

1 $25.00 each

Transfer Fee

Pay this fee if you are the new owner of a previously measured CFJ class dinghy so we may transfer the ownership on the boats measurement certificate.

1 $10.00 each

Sail Number

Pay this fee if your boat does not have a previously issued class sail number. Contact the class secretary for your new sail number.

1 $10.00 each


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    CFJ Class
    266 Palmer St.
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Payment Summary

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