Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 11:00 AM EST
Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 6:00 PM EST

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Bradenton Convention Center

1 Haben Blvd
Palmetto, FL 34221

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Victoria Ackerman
The Spirit University

A-Ha! Holistic Health Expo 2019

Our Expo is a transformational conference designed to address the whole person and key aspects of total wellness and energy healing. It is an annual event for the community to enjoy.

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  • VENDOR BOOTHS: • Are for the selling of products and services. Not for performing live readings. • Booth dimensions are 8 ft deep by 10 ft wide. Tables, chairs, and table skirt provided by Vendor.

  • READER BOOTHS: • Are for providing live readings by a single reader. Not for the selling of products or other services. • Booth dimensions are 5 ft wide by 8 ft deep. Table, chairs, and table skirt provided by Reader.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Set up: Saturday 8:00 am to 10:45 am. Show Hours: Both Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am– 6:00 pm. Tear down: Sunday 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm Exhibitors must sign in/register at front desk by Saturday, 10:30 am. Otherwise, your booth will be reassigned and you will forfeit your right to participate in the show, as well as all fees and monies paid.

  • Up to two ID badges may be picked up at registration when you register/check in. Booth rental includes only the interior space of the booth. Keep aisles clear of displays, merchandise, furniture, signs, and other items. No sharing, assigning, or subletting of booths is permitted. There is no multiple booth discount. Location of booth assigned to Exhibitor is at the sole discretion of The Spirit University (TSU). Some types of Exhibitors may be limited in number or denied participation as an Exhibitor, at the sole discretion of TSU. To register for multiple booths please register a second time using a different email address.

  • Electricity is in place and available at Exhibitor booths by pre-order only. Outlets and drops are shared, regardless of location. Please bring your own surge protectors, power strips, extension cords. Multiple plugs such as twin sockets, cube taps, etc., shall not be permitted. Any such connections shall be rewired to conform to the appropriate regulations. Such changes shall be charged to Exhibitor.

  • Prohibited: Open flames, burning incense, aromatic diffusers or similar, loose glitter, confetti, or similar, food or drink for sale, drilling or placing holes nails, hooks, tacks, screws, staples, fastenings or fixtures of any type into any part of the premises including walls and floor, distributing or using adhesive back decals (stick-on) or similar items (except nametags), altering the premises in any way, helium balloons. Exhibitor shall not drive or permit to be driven, any nails, hooks, tacks, or screws in any part of the Facility, shall not tape or permit to be taped any material to any part of the Facility, and shall not make or allow to be made any alteration of any kind therein. Exhibitor will not post or exhibit or allow to be posted or exhibited signs, advertisements, showbills, lithographs, posters, or cards of any description in the Facilities except in the locations provided by Bradenton Convention Center (Center).

  • No food or beverage Exhibitors, including self-catering. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto the Center premise by Exhibitor. Decorations, signs, banners, and streamers shall not be attached, taped, nailed, pinned or otherwise fastened to any ceiling, drapery, painted surface or wall of Center. Confetti also is not to be used on premise. Under NO circumstances are helium filled, Mylar balloons or adhesive back decals to be given away or permitted to be used in the Center. Any costs incurred by the Center from the use of, or removal or, these items shall be charged to the Exhibitor.

  • No animals or pets are permitted in the building except at an approved exhibit, activity, or performance legitimately requiring the use of animals. Seeing-eye dogs are exempt. Pets which are approved to be in the building must be on a leash, within a pen, or under similar control at all times. The owner will be fully responsible for his or her pets at all times. Exhibitor shall not permit smoking or the use of E-Cigs in the Space or the Facilities in any place other than areas designated by Center.

  • All Exhibitors are considered independent contractors. All necessary permits, licenses, insurance, credentials, and taxes are the sole responsibility of all participants. Each Exhibitor is responsible for the security at their booth. Neither The Spirit University or Center assumes any responsibility whatever for Exhibitor's property placed in the building. Management, at their sole discretion, reserves the right to require Exhibitor to remove their booth contents and leave the premises due to unprofessional, unethical, or unacceptable behavior. If exhibitor is asked to leave, all fees, deposits, and payments will not be refunded.

  • Exhibitor and associated parties shall indemnify, defend, keep and save harmless TSU and the Center, theirs agents, officials and employees, against all claims, suits, actions or proceedings for injuries, deaths, losses, damages, patent claims, liabilities, judgments, costs and expenses which may accrue or be asserted against the Center arising out of Exhibitor’s performance of, or its failure to perform the duties and obligations arising out of agreement. Exhibitor shall pay all charges of attorneys and all costs and other expenses incurred in connection therewith, and if any judgment shall be rendered against TSU or Center in any such action, the Exhibitor shall, at its own expense, satisfy and discharge the same.

  • By accepting, Exhibitor and associated parties further agree to indemnify and hold harmless A-Ha! Holistic Health Expo, The Spirit University, and their agents, employees, representatives, successors and assigns from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions at law or in equity and expenses of any type or description, including attorney’s fees, relating to this Agreement or any matter relating to A-Ha! Holistic Health Expo, The Spirit University, or the subject matter hereof.

  • Exhibitor shall not operate any engine or bit D motorized machinery on or in the facilities, or use oils, burning fluids, camphene, kerosene, naphtha, gasoline or any agent for illuminating the premises. Exhibitor shall obtain all licenses or authorizations from the copyright or trademark owners or their representatives and agrees to indemnify and hold TSU and Center harmless from any claims, losses, or expenses incurred with regard thereto. This shall include any and all ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or other copyright fees applicable to an event. Payment of the fees will be made by the Exhibitor directly to the applicable copyright agency.

  • NO REFUNDS. Event will take place rain or shine.

  • Exhibitor must agree to abide by all rules, terms, and conditions to participate.

Optional Items for sale

Item Qty. Max Limit Price

Electricity for a single booth

1 $35.00 each

ONE Exhibitor Booth End Cap

1 $50.00 each

ONE Exhibitor Booth featured in Mezzanine/Lobby Entrance

1 $50.00 each

Table - 2 Days.

Select up to 3

3 $24.00 each
3 $24.00 each
3 $24.00 each

Chair - 2 Days.

4 $8.00 each


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