Sunday, March 3, 2019 at 5:30 PM PST
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 11:00 PM PST

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M Resort, Las Vegas, NV

12300 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Henderson, NV 89044

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Lioba Conrad
IPI - Member Network
702-617-1141, Ext. 201
Amina Aboutammam
Randy Adger
John Albright
Alan Asadorian
Lev Bar-Av
Cheri Beard
Tom Brady
Tk Broecker
Kyle Brown
Andreas Browne
Mark Bute
Phil Canter
Rick Casey
Cory Chapman
Ann Charback
Alex Christianian
Ernest Cole
Courtney Cook
Michele Correa
Haley Cox
Katie Crawford
Tom Davidtz
Vartan Demirjian
Frank Distefano
Bill Dobbins
Amanda Dominguez
Mary Ede
Bill Eklund
Steve Elkins
Todd Fitzgerald
Mike Fraser
Mike Gagle
Francis Gagnon
Nick Gillenwater
Terry Goodwin
Jean Goupil
Jacob Gray
Wendy Gray
Phil Gresham
Stan Grosz
Bob Hanson
Don Hite
Kyle Hockley
Stuart Holmes
Larry Hook
Wendy Hooker
Lawrence Horsburgh
Lisa Hovis
John Howard
Jeff Ikemiya
Adam Inyang
Gene Ivester
William Johnson
Daniel Jolly
Larry Kuntz
Nancy Kuntz
Jonathan Lawson
Mike Lebarre
Dave Lee
Johnny Lee
William Leonard
Ken Lewis
David Lindquist
Amanda Livingston
Kara Lohsen
April Love
Anthony Lullo
Ward Lundgren
Paul Maietta
Jordan McCrea
Andrea McLaughlin
Stacy McReynolds
Paul Menssen
Carly Michael
David Michael
Joel Miller
Louise Miller
Tony Miresse
Rob Mitchell
John Mueller
Gaby Mullinax
Mike Nagel
Kellie Nelson
Kurt Neumann
Ted Nichols
Lisa Otto
Chari Pack
Manny Parks
Stephanie Paschke
Abby Passman
Aaron Pate
Larry Peterka
Elyse Peterson
Marsha Phillips
Bruno Polito
Cate Reed
Richard Rivera Jr
Mike Ross
Chuck Rossen
Lori Rupp
John Sadler
Rob Scheeren
Kurt Seelig
Mike Semerak
Rochelle Shambaugh
Andy Sharlein
Kelsey Shields
Allen Showalter
Kirk Sidley
Nancy Sidley
Shirley Sidley
Stephanie Sidley
Tom Skaggs
Garrett Smetana
Michael Snelson
Steve Spencer
Michael St Germain
Jack St. Pierre
Larry Steiner
Jerry Sullivan
Dale Sutton
Nigel Sutton
Keith Swan
Cherie Swann
Cora Taylor
Ken Tran
David Tschetter
Justin Walters
Meredith Webb
Jeff Wilson
Shawn Wilson
Chuck Wolf
Tod Wolf 🐺
Bob Yeager
Rick Zack
Bao Shan Rose Zhao
Chuck Zix

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Amina Aboutammam
Randy Adger
John Albright
Alan Asadorian
Lev Bar-Av
Cheri Beard
Tom Brady
Tk Broecker
Kyle Brown
Andreas Browne
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Sunday Studio B Buffet

Pakor Welcome Icebreaker Networking Dinner / Buffet Start Time: 7 PM Ends: 8:30 PM

422 Free

Monday Networking Breakfast

Conde Breakfast in VUE Start Time: 8 AM Ends: 9 AM

403 Free

Monday Networking Lunch

Photo Finale will serve lunch at the Trade Show Floor Start Time: 12:30 PM Ends: 1:30 PM

393 Free

Monday Evening Excursion Las Vegas Strip Instawalk Scavenger Hunt

Reserve your Seat for our Downtown Las Vegas Instawalk Scavenger Hunt Excursion: Start Time: 7 PM Ends: 11:30 PM

443 Free

Tuesday Networking Breakfast

Colorcentric Breakfast in VUE Start Time: 8 AM Ends: 9 AM

410 Free

Tuesday Boxed Lunch on the Trade Show Floor

Supplying Partner Trade Show at the Pavilion. Pakor Lunch will be served from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

394 Free

Tuesday Member + Supplying Partner Appreciation Dinner Reception

Fujifilm Member + Supplying Partner Appreciation Dinner in LUX Start Time: 7 PM Ends: 8:30 PM

391 Free

Wednesday Networking Breakfast

Canon Breakfast in VUE Start Time: 8 AM Ends: 9 AM

411 Free

Wednesday Networking Lunch

Dakis Lunch on Terrace 1 Start Time: 12 PM Ends: 1:30 PM

409 Free

Wedesday Farewell Dinner

Farewell Dinner at Studio B Buffet Start Time: 7 PM Ends: 9 PM

422 Free


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