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Barbara Barton, CMKBD, CLIPP - CLIPP Registrations
Living In Place Institute

Certified Living In Place Professional (V190319)

- March 19th 11am-2pm ET - March 20th 11am-2:15pm ET - March 21st 11am-2:15pm ET - March 26th 11am-2pm ET - March 27th 11am-2:30pm ET - March 28th 11am-2pm ET

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  • You DO NOT need to be a member of a professional association to take to class and become certified. If you are a member of a professional association, please check the one(s) you belong to:

  • Discounts for all professionals. Please check which discount you are applying for and use the promo code shown in CAPITOLS (Maximum discount one choice below plus $50 Help-A-Friend - $400)

Classroom Requirements

  • Please confirm that you have reviewed and are willing and able to comply with the CLIPP Virtual Classroom requirements. LInk below: http://livinginplace.institute/images/docs-for-CLIPP-on-website/CLIPP-Virtual-Class-General-Requirements-March-2018.pdf

  • Please confirm that you understand and agree to the Course Cancellation and Refund Policy. Here is a link to the Policy: http://files.constantcontact.com/21a29f3f101/28cd5765-9dc6-45f9-abfe-54237aa9fb61.pdf



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