Thursday, February 14, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM EST
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This is an online event.


Jacob B. Ward
UMass Donahue Institute

Young Adult Peer Mentor Supervision Webinar Series

Join the Children’s Behavioral Health Knowledge Center at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for online training opportunities that incorporate interactive learning and useful tools for effective employment of young adults in peer roles.

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Navigating Young Adult Peer Mentoring On-Boarding & First Few Months of Work

  • What you’ll learn: Strategies for developing a strong working alliances between YAPM, supervisor & colleagues by role clarifying, educating, sharing & bonding How to use observation, shadowing & reflecting to lay a strong foundation for documentation How to coach YAPMs in the on-going shaping of their professional identity How to effectively support YAPMs in sharing their live experiences in a variety of ways to a variety of people in a variety of contexts

  • Attendees will also receive: (1) working alliance & characteristics reflective exercises; (2) example on-boarding process; (3) personal bio exercises & (4) what to share vs. not what to share exercise

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