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5001 Meadowbrook Lane
Ellicott City, MD 21043

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2019 Region 1 Tournament Competitor Registration

The 2019 Region 1 Tournament, hosted by the Kangaroo Kids, will be held on March 30, 2019 in Ellicott City, MD. This registration is for each competitor. Coaches will need complete and submit the 2019 Regional Event Registration Spreadsheet to the Region1@usajumprope.org by March 1, 2019.

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Competitor Information

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  • Fee

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    • $60.00 after Friday, March 1, 2019

Team Information

Additional Competitors (if registering multiple participants)

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Wildcard and Cross-Regional Competitor Application

  • Please check below only if the following apply to your registration for this tournament, or to others on this registration:

Participant Release and Indemnity Agreement

  • We (or) I hereby request your acceptance of this application for registration in the USA Jump Rope 2019 Region 1 Tournament on March 30, 2019, as designated above for the competitors listed. In consideration of your acceptance of this application, we (or) I hereby release all persons associated with USA Jump Rope (USAJRF), or its designated venue, from all claims and causes of action arising from injury to the participant in this USAJRF Tournament, whether such injury is the result of negligence or some other cause. If medical attention is required for injury or illness while at the tournament, I give my permission for such medical care and we (or I) will be financially responsible. I also give permission for USAJRF to use any videos and/or photographs of the participant for publicity, advertising or other commercial or promotional purposes.

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    By checking the box below, I agree to the above Participant Release and Indemnity Agreement.

USA Jump Rope Articles of Understanding

  • I (or We) have read and understand the USA Jump Rope Articles of Understanding and hereby attest that I will follow the rule and regulations outlined in this document. I understand that if I violate the terms of this agreement, I may be subject to disciplinary action or disqualified from competition. The USA Jump Rope Articles of Understanding can be found by copy and pasting the link below into your browser: http://usajumprope.org/page-9-forms.html

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    By checking the box below, I agree to the USA Jump Rope Articles of Understanding for all members listed on this registration.



Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    USA Jump Rope
    PO Box 569
    Huntsville, TX 77342

Payment Summary


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