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Dr. Jeffrey Bergen, President
University of Manitoba Dental Alumni Association

UMDAA - Membership Renewal 2019

The University of Manitoba Dental Alumni Association is the voice of the alumni from the Faculty of Dentistry now renamed in 2016, the College of Dentistry. We represent the alumni on the Faculty Council and have establish funding for students and patients through the John Graham Scholarship Award and Patient Emergent Fund. Join Now.

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  • Welcome to the University of Manitoba Dental Alumni Association. Since our reformation in 2008, the University of Manitoba Dental Alumni Association has committed to develop and increase our presence on the oral health stage in the province while becoming an active voice for our professional colleagues who earned their designations through the University of Manitoba. In addition to supporting the college and the profession, the UMDAA also serves as a fraternal organization our many members. Several times through the course of the year, members will have opportunity to gather together for fellowship and camaraderie at various professional events and social gatherings.

  • We welcome you to join our number. You may choose to join with either a full membership complete with voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting or with an Associate Membership, should you reside outside the province and are not be able to attend the AGM or other meetings. Memberships are available to all members of our alumni community regardless of where you live. All memberships are valid for one fiscal year, running from April to March, and are renewable anytime.

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Donation to the John Graham Memorial Scholarship Fund

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