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February 2019 Events

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View Your Past Lives - Sat, Feb 2, 12pm

Many lessons and abilities offered by your past life experiences can be explored and brought forward for your use. $25 in advance, $35 at the door.

7 $25.00 each

Learn Energetic Healing with Reiki 1 - Sat, Feb 2, 10am

In this fun and powerful one-day class you will learn Reiki healing along with other advanced techniques. Anyone with a compassionate heart and a commitment to learn can become a practitioner of energy healing. Price is $118 plus $18 manual.

7 $136.00 each

The Language of Spirit - Tues, Feb 5, 6pmm

This workshop will help beginning and seasoned readers alike to develop their own special shorthand with Spirit.

7 $20.00 each

Out of Body (OBE) & Near Death Experience (NDE) - Thur, Feb 7, 7pm

An out-of-body experience (OBE) typically involves a sensation of floating or traveling outside one’s body. A near-death experience (NDE) an occurrence in which a person comes very close to dying and has memories of a spiritual experience.

7 $5.00 each

Remote Viewing - Tues, Feb 12, 6pm

Remote viewing is the ability to acquire information about a distant or unseen place, person or event using extrasensory perception (ESP) or “sensing” with the mind.

7 $20.00 each

The Loving Relationships Training - Tues, Feb 12, 7pm

Interactive processes for loving exchange: The art of affirmations for self-esteem. The red hot share. Acknowledging and appreciating. A total immersion in love.

7 $25.00 each

4 Steps to Meeting Your Soul Mate - Wed, Feb 13, 7pm

If you’ve been frustrated in love, or are simply at a point in your life where you know you’re ready to meet “The One,” join us for this inspiring workshop.

7 $25.00 each

Aura Class - Wed, Feb 20, 6:30pm

The Aura reflects the vibration of the soul thru mentally, physically, and spiritually.

7 $20.00 each

Inspired Journey Together - Thur, Feb 21, 2pm

Come share your story or ask questions and inspire others! Bond with like-minded people and expand the connection to your inner self and spirit.

7 $10.00 each

Shamanic Journey - Thur, Feb 21, 7pm

** 2/21 Being Fully Empowered Shaman in Today’s World ** With the aid of drumming and rattling, learn how to enter altered states of consciousness and “journey” to different worlds.

7 $25.00 each

Full Moon Drum Circle - Fri, Feb 22, 7pm

Become one with the rhythm of the drums! At this social and spiritual event, we are celebrating life, unity, and the positive energies of the full moon.

7 $10.00 each

Shamanic Journey - Thur, Feb 28, 7pm

** 2/28 Journey to Lower World, Meet Your Power Animal ** With the aid of drumming and rattling, learn how to enter altered states of consciousness and “journey” to different worlds.

7 $25.00 each

Tibetan Bowl Concert - Thur, Feb 28, 7pm

While attending one of Robert Austin’s concerts, individuals experiences may include; Physical Relaxation, Reduced Anxiety, Mental Clarity, Emotional Release and Restful Sleep.

7 $20.00 each


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